Santander Activa, your digital investment manager

  • Santander Activa is an automated portfolio management service (robo-advisor).
  • 100% digital and tailor-made for you. Exclusive simple contracting for digital customers, whenever and wherever you like, via the Santander app or website.
  • Initial investment from EUR 1,000
  • Set your own investment pace with automatic regular contributions from EUR 100, to invest gradually, with less effort.
  • To monitor your investment, you will have a specialist Santander Asset Management team. Your portfolio will be adjusted automatically, with no need for you to take any action
  • You can check up on how your portfolio is doing 24/7 on the website and the app.
  • At a cost of 0.70% + annual VAT on any assets you have invested, and a success fee of 5% + annual VAT on profits2.
  • You can cancel the portfolio management service at any time, at no cost. See the costs and expenses for the service, and the financial instruments taken out and maintained on it.

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Santander, the place for your investments

You will have a team of
specialists working on your
In late 2021, this was composed
of 791 employees worldwide,
of whom 235 are investment

Over 51 years managing
our customers' investments
Through our Santander Asset
Management facility, operating
in 10 countries.

+ EUR 193 billion managed
For individual customers and
intermediaries through our
management facility,
Santander Asset Management.


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How does Santander Activa work?

An automated investment to move your money, while you spend your time doing whatever you feel like doing.


What are the risks of investing via Santander Activa?

Putting money into investment funds through this service means undertaking a certain level of risk that will depend on the funds invested in at any given time, the composition of each fund, market fluctuations and other factors associated with investing in securities, which means that there is a risk of losing all or part of the investment.

In general, investing in funds means undertaking the following risks:

    Due to the quality of the assets invested in, as well as the issuers of these assets. This is the risk that the issuer may not be able to make payments.
    This is the possibility that financial instruments will be listed or have a value below the price we have paid for them. In this regard, the investments may be affected by:

    Interest rate risk: interest rate fluctuations affect the price of fixed-income assets. Sensitivity to this risk depends on the duration of these assets.

    Foreign exchange risk: fluctuation of the exchange value in the case of assets denominated in currencies other than the reference currency of the holding.

    Market risk due to investing in equities : arising from variations in the price of equity assets.

    Risk from investing in emerging markets: political changes or economic circumstances can affect the value of investments.

    Geographical or sectoral concentration risk: the concentration of our investment in the same area or sector increases market risk. 
    Investing in derivatives (futures, options etc.) may entail a higher risk in view of the nature of these products.
  • LIQUIDITY RISK         
    The risk that no counterparty can be found in the market and that, therefore, a product cannot be sold.
    These risks correspond to environmental, social or governmental events or conditions. The sustainability risk of investments will depend, among others, on the type of issuer, the sector of activity and the geographical location.


  • What is a robo-advisor?

  • A robo-advisor is an automated management facility that offers you an investment portfolio suited to your investor profile1.

    One of the main benefits of robo-advisors is that they help you invest with no need to become an expert, and so you will have spare time to do whatever you like doing most. Our specialist managers will monitor the investment constantly, and will administer management of the fund. They will take decisions concerning the composition of your portfolio, and adjustments will be made automatically.

  • What are the requisites for taking out Santander Activa?

  • Taking out Santander Activa, our investment service (robo-advisor), is very simple. You only need to be a Banco Santander customer and have access to your private section or the Santander App. For this service, you must also have a current Suitability Test.

    You must be resident in Spain to take out this product. The contract is one-party, i.e. only you can hold it.

    You will need only EUR 1,000 to start investing. You can also arrange automatic periodic contributions, from EUR 100 per month.

  • Can I take it out with another person?

  • Santander Activa is an exclusive digital service for single holders (single-parties), and so you cannot take it out with another person.

    If you wish to invest with another person and share ownership of the product with this person, go to your nearest Santander branch and we will tell you the best way to go about this.

  • How much does it cost, and how is it paid?

  • The cost of the service is 0.70% + annual VAT on the assets you have invested, and a success fee of 5% + annual VAT on the profits obtained.

    The costs associated with provision of the portfolio management service are a fixed fee that accrues daily and is paid quarterly on the effective value of the assets in the portfolio managed, with no minimum; the success fee that accrues and is paid annually on the positive difference of the effective value of the portfolio every year, subtracting the contributions and adding up deductions from the portfolio during the period. There are other costs and expenses associated with the service and with the financial instruments taken out and maintained via the portfolio management service, which you can consult.

  • What are my savings invested in?

  • Your money will be invested in funds that will change over time depending on market circumstances and your investor profile. We will assess the latter with a simple test (Suitability Test).

    We will manage your investment for you, and we will make decisions about the composition of your portfolio according to your profile. Adjustments will be made automatically. Even though we manage your money for you, whenever you want you can find out where and how it is being invested in the simplest way, via the Santander app and website.

  • How do I keep track of developments in my investment, and what happens if my circumstances change?

  • You can track your investment at all times via the Banco Santander app or website, where you will find all the information on developments in your portfolio and the funds it is composed of.

    Also, at Santander we will give you regular information on the behaviour of your investment, and the main action taken by our experts.

    If your circumstances or your investor profile change, if you like you can also change the way in which you invest, by modifying the risk you wish to undertake at any given time1.

    In short, you always have control over your investment.

  • How can I gain access to my money?

  • Santander Activa has no minimum investment timeline, and so you can cancel the portfolio management service whenever you want. See the costs and expenses associated with the service, and the financial instruments taken out and maintained on it.

    So you do not have to give up your money over a certain timeline, and it will always be available.

  • How long does it take for my money to be invested?

  • When you take up the Santander Activa service, we will commence management of your portfolio on the same day. Your money will be invested within a maximum of 8 business days.

    When you make additional contributions, bear in mind that these orders may take a few days to go through, if your portfolio is being updated by our managers at that time. In this case, the money could take a few days to be invested.

  • Who manages my money, and how is it managed?

  • We have a specialist Santander Asset Management team, with over 51 years' experience in investment, it will monitor your investment, and your portfolio will be updated automatically. We carry out rebalancing (adjustments to your portfolio) on a monthly basis. Adjustments may also be carried out occasionally if the market so requires.

  • Can I make further contributions at a later stage?

  • Yes, you can make further contributions whenever you like. You can see developments in your portfolio on the Banco Santander app or website, and can make all the contributions you want, with a minimum amount of EUR 100 each.

    You can also set up automatic regular contributions from EUR 100 per month, to invest gradually, with less effort.

  • Can I operate several investment strategies simultaneously?

  • Yes, you can take out all the portfolios you want, provided the risk profile for each of them is equal to or less than the risk of your investor profile. We will assess the profile with a simple test (Suitability Test).

  • How do I know what my investor profile is?

  • The first step is getting to know you better. To gain access to this service you will have to do a simple test, which will only take you a few minutes. It is known as the suitability test, and we use it to find out your knowledge and investment experience, your financial position and your investment targets, and also to allocate you an investor profile.

    This test is intended to prevent you taking out a product or service which is really not suitable for you - among other aspects, due to their complexity, or the risks they entail.

  • How do I add this service to my income tax return?

  • Investment fund tax will be applied to those carrying out the various operations: subscription, redemption, transfer, etc.

    When you cancel the service and recover your money (some or all of it) repaying shares from the funds, you will have to book the capital gains or capital losses on your investment as gains or losses. Any capital gains will be subject to withholding, according to the regulations in force.

    Remember that the fiscal treatment of investments depends on your personal circumstances as an investor, and may change in the future.

  • How can I invest without having to be an expert?

  • One of the options for investment with no need to examine different products, markets etc. is to delegate management to experts with Santander Activa.

    In a simple 100% digital contracting process, we will ascertain your investor profile and will come up with an investment strategy to suit you. This strategy will be adapted over time in accordance with the circumstances of markets, at all times adhering to the risk you feel comfortable with.

    In short, an "all-in-one" solution so that you do not have to lose out on investment because you are not an expert.


Santander Activa

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