Basic steps for starting your digital experience

This is what you need to know to be able to check your accounts, cards, contract products online, resolve doubts and more.

  • 1. Download the App

  • With the Santander App you can access all the services available in branch, wherever you are, always. Make your day-to-day easier. No queues. No travelling. All on your mobile.

  • 2. Activate your digital signature

  • You'll need a digital signature to complete digital transactions, such as using Bizum.

    In the app:

    On the homepage, where it requests identification, click on the drop-down menu on the top right and choose the option "Get password". Fill in the personal details and you'll be able to get your digital signature.

    On your computer:

    On the Online Banking homepage select "Customer Access", click on the option "Register for Online Banking" and fill in the form with your details. Then you'll have the access code that allows you to consult channels, as well as the digital signature for confirming transactions.

  • 3. Register for Santander Key

  • With Santander Key you can forget about passwords! Once it's activated, you'll be able to confirm your purchases or access the app with your fingerprint or Face ID.

    To activate it, look for the Santander Key icon on the Santander App homepage, click on it and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • 4. Turn on notifications

  • The notifications service enables you to receive a notification when a card, account or loan transaction is carried out. In order to receive them you'll need to accept the service when the message appears during App installation. You can also activate it after installation by clicking on Mailbox in the top right corner and click "Notifications" and then "Configure your alerts".

    If you wish to activate it from your computer you can access your Online Banking, at the top click on "Mailbox", then "Alerts" and then "Configure your alerts" and when asked how you would like to be notified for each alert select "App notifications".


Next, improve your payment experience

Start by activating your cards to save time on a daily basis and enjoy the convenience by paying with your mobile.

  • 5. Activate your cards

  • You can activate your cards on the Santander App or via Online Banking. In the overview you'll see the card and at the side you'll see the option "Start using" (in the App) and "Activate card" (on Online Banking). You'll need your digital signature (active and operational).

    If you know your card's PIN you can also activate it by using it (for purchases of €50 or less) or by withdrawing cash from an ATM.

  • 6. Link your cards to your mobile

  • You can quickly add your card to Apple Pay, Google Wallet or Samsung Wallet from our app. Access your private area and select the overview for the appropriate card. Click on "Add to Apple Pay", "Add to Google Wallet" or "Add to Samsung Wallet" and follow the steps. You'll need to input characters from your digital signature (active and operational). Here you can find more information on How to pay by mobile phone.

  • 7. Activate Bizum

  • Registering for Bizum is as simple as accessing the app or our Online Banking. When clicking on the Bizum section, the option "Register here" will appear.
    • Select the account you would like to use for sending and receiving money.
    • You'll be shown the telephone number linked to the service (this will be the same one as for your Multichannel Contract).
    • Choose a "Bizum password" to be able to pay businesses.
    • Accept the terms and conditions.
    • Please enter your digital signature.

    You can now send and receive money with your mobile! Here can learn more about Bizum.


Final steps for getting the most out of your bank

  • 8. Bring your salary to us

  • Having your salary deposited at Banco Santander will allow you to make the most of functionalities for controlling your spending, your bills and subscriptions and in turn save bit by bit. Furthermore, it will grant you access to many products and services such as pre-approved loans Santander Renting and more.

    To bring your salary to us, inform HR of your account number and ask them to deposit your salary in you Banco Santander account.

  • 9. Bring your bills to us

  • You can switch your direct debit bills from another bank account via Online Banking. To do this, log in with your ID document and password and from the top menu select: "Accounts and Cards" then "Direct debits" and then "Order to change direct debit billings previously paid through a different bank". Scan the ID document of the holder and the bill that you wish to register to add them to the form.