Your legal procedures, in one click

Workers in the legal sector have a series of specific needs arising from the daily dynamics of their trade.

If you are a professional in this sector, we want to help you complete your procedures in the most convenient and quickest way possible.

To achieve this, we have created the Santander Justice App with which you can manage your Court Provisions and Deposit Accounts any time, anywhere. The application, for mobile or tablet, will allow you to:

View the Court Record Accounts

Access the documents in which you are authorised, analyse their movements and view the details of the Court Record Accounts you need.

Locate the courthouses

The Santander Justice app includes a tool for locating the closest courts, as well as the Santander offices closest to your position.

Discover recommended applications

The mobile application offers advice and recommends useful tools related to the legal sector.

Access legal news

Do not miss the legal news with the related news service offered by the Santander Justice app.

Manage your positions in Santander

Access your accounts and manage your finances by linking to the Santander app.

If, in addition, you are a Civil Servant or Solicitor of the Administration of Justice, this digital tool will offer you a series of benefits so you can optimise your time and work to the maximum.

  • Create a list of notices
  • View the operations from the last 5 days.
  • Manage pending warrants.
  • Select the Court where you are authorised.
  • View foreclosures.
  • Manage access authorisations to Court Record Accounts.
  • Activate and/or cancel Court Record Accounts.

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