In your accounts, everything under control

From the Santander App

Check your balance by accessing "Overall position" in the Santander App.

Your accounts and cards

Check all the movements of your accounts and cards in your statement.

Set up direct debit

View your bills or set up a direct debit and stop worrying about the payment dates.

How can I view my statements?

  1. Access the Santander App and under "Overall Position", access the account or card for which you want to see the statement.
  2. Click on the general actions menu for your card and then click on "Statement".
  3. The statement in PDF format is automatically displayed on your screen.

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How can I return a bill?

With the Santander App, returning a bill is almost as easy as giving a like.


How to view or return your bills?

  1. Access the bills menu under "Overall Position".
  2. Select account in which the bills you wish to view are paid.
  3. Select the bill you want to view in PDF format.

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