With Salary Advance, you can access your money in advance

Would you like a salary advance to pay a bill or because you need cash flow? For minor expenses or unexpected outlays, you can apply for an advance on your salary at an annual nominal interest rate of 0% (APR 9,37%1).

If your salary is paid into Santander2, get an advance of up to 3 months' net pay (maximum €9,000) and pay it back in 10 months.

Check whether you have a pre-approved salary advance in the app or on Online Banking.


Fixed annual nominal interest rate: 0%

Arrangement Fee: 4%

APR1: 9.37%

Don't wait to be paid. Apply for an advance and get the money in your current account.

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Salary advance

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Salary advance of up to €9,000

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Repay it in 10 months

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Annual nominal interest rate: 0%. (9.37% APR1)

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