What is Correos Cash?

We have struck an agreement with Correos to allow you to withdraw cash from your account and make deposits at the more than 4,600 Correos post offices all over Spain. This adds financial services to more than 1,500 locations where Banco Santander does not have any branches or associates.

You can also use this service to have a postman deliver up to EUR 500 to you or to a third party that is a client of Banco Santander at any address in Spain.


Correos Cash provides you with 3 new services:

  • Cash withdrawals between EUR 10 and EUR 2,500 debited to your Santander account at Correos branches.
  • Cash deposits at Correos branches between EUR 10 and EUR 2,500 to your Santander account.
  • Cash deliveries to the address you specify, to you or to a third-party Banco Santander customer, between EUR 10 and EUR 500.

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How to operate with Correos Cash

Find out with this tutorial how to do it with your mobile from the Santander App


How to deposit and withdraw cash with Correos Cash

You have three alternatives for these transactions:

  1. Request the money from the postman without leaving your home

    Now you can request the money from a postman without having to do it through the App or Online Banking, or having to go to a post office. All you need to do is present your ID and provide your account number.
  2. Request the transactions through our digital channels

    All you have to do is go to “Correos Cash” in your Santander app, or use your online banking facility, and request the transaction, and then go to the Correos branch of your choice to present the QR code generated, identify yourself with your identity card, passport or residence card, and carry out the transaction.

    For security reasons, you can only carry out one transaction a day for amounts under EUR 2,500, and three transactions in 7 days for an amount under EUR 7,500. For similar amounts or larger amounts, you must go to a Banco Santander branch or associate.

    The request for cash withdrawals or deposits at Correos branches will generate a QR code, which you have to present to carry out the transaction, and which is valid for 7 calendar days after it has been issued. Since your account is debited or credited when the transaction is carried out at a branch of Correos, you can cancel it commission-free up to that point.
  3. Request transactions directly at the Correos branch

    To do this you must go to any branch of Correos and identify yourself with your identity card, residence card or current passport, and a Banco Santander debit or credit card held by you, which has not expired or been cancelled, and issue instructions to staff at the Correos branch to withdraw or deposit cash in your Banco Santander account.

    Correos staff will use these data to make arrangements for the transaction with the application, and the bank will validate it if everything is in order.

Correos Cash service commission

We can offer you two commission-free transactions per month per customer, branch cash withdrawals and deposits, if the transactions are carried out in a Correos branch at a location where Banco Santander does not have a branch or any associates.

The commission for these services when they are carried out in branches of Correos where Santander does have a facility or an associate, or when the monthly minimum of two transactions has been exceeded at locations with no Banco Santander branches, is as follows:

  • Cash withdrawals at branches of Correos: 1,30 €
  • Cash deposits at branches of Correos: 1,80 €

You can use our branch and ATM search facility at any time to find all Banco Santander branches and ATMs and branches of Correos and their opening hours.

The commission for home cash deliveries by a postman is EUR 6.

Procedure for home delivery

Home cash deliveries are made to the address stated when the transaction is requested, between 1 and 3 working days following confirmation by Correos.

Correos will send you an SMS confirming receipt of an order, and another SMS to tell you the day on which the delivery will be made. In this case, the debit to your current account for the amount of the transaction plus the EUR 6 commission will be made at the time the transaction is requested, because the cash is given to Correos to manage the delivery.

If you are not at home when the delivery is made, Correos will instruct you to go to any of its branches in Spain to collect it, over a minimum period of 18 days following confirmation of the request. If you do not make any use of the cash within the timeline stipulated, it will be credited to your account again. The commission for the home delivery service by Correos will not be returned under any circumstances.

Cancellation of home cash delivery

Correos Cash allows you to cancel the home cash request at two different points:

  • From the time the transaction request is made via the digital channels provided by Banco Santander at any time, and up to 07.00 on the next working day, when Correos begins the delivery process. In this case the entire transaction may be cancelled, and the amount requested plus the commission charged will be credited to your account again.
  • For the time during which the cash is at your disposal in any branch of Correos, when Correos staff have attempted to make the home delivery. In this case only the amount requested will be credited to the account, but not the commission charged, because the home delivery service is carried out by Correos.

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