How does Bizum work?

To use Bizum, you don't need to download an additional application. All you need is:

  • The latest version of the Santander App.
  • An up-to-date contact list on your phone.
  • Sign up for the service, through the Santander App or Online Banking1. You can activate it with your mobile number and the account of your choice.

And you can send and receive money2 with your mobile.

You only have to choose a contact on your phone and send them the amount you want, without knowing their bank account details.

Send money from one account to another instantly

If you send money, it will automatically appear in your account.

If you want to receive it, you will have it in yours as soon as your contact accepts the operation.

Free and secure

Bizum is a free payment system supported by most Spanish banks, so all their customers can use it.

All operations require a password, therefore it is a secure system.


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How to use Bizum with the Santander App.

Here we show you step-by-step what you must do to start enjoying Bizum.


What can you do with Bizum?

Simple and multiple money transfers and requests, with a text and a photo can be sent among registered private individuals.

Donations to NGOs registered in the Service by just knowing a 5-digit code or selecting the NGO in the Bizum application directory in Santander.

E-commerce payments at those businesses registered in the Service by choosing Bizum as a payment option, entering mobile number and Bizum Password.

Find out what the Bizum password is, how to obtain it and how to use it!

Information of interest

1. Acceptance of the bank's terms and conditions is required. Available for Android devices. Bizum is a multi-bank service. Check the participating banks at www.bizum.es.
These are the limits on operations:
Maximum amount for each payment transaction: €1,000.
Minimum amount for each payment transaction: €0.50.
Maximum amount of transactions in a day: €2,000.
Maximum amount of transactions in a month: €5,000.
Maximum amount of transactions received by a customer in a day: €2,000.
Maximum number of transactions received by a customer in a month: 60.
Maximum number of requests issued by a customer in a month: 60.
Maximum number of recipients that can be included when sending payments or in a multiple request:
30. Maximum amount per transaction between private individuals and online retailers: €15,000.
Minimum amount per transaction: €0.01.
3. Download the terms and conditions and download the attached file -(PDF.2.07 MB)


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