A loan for individuals to finance their tax payments

The Tax Loan is a fixed-rate loan1, which help to make tax payments more manageable for you, with ten easy monthly payments and favourable conditions.

Learn more about the features and conditions of the Tax Payment Loan:

  • Fixed annual nominal interest rate: 0%.
  • Arrangement fee: 4%.
  • 9.37% APR2 (with tax charged directly to your account at the Bank).
  • Amount: from €600 to €60,000.
  • Term: Ten months.
  • No interest, no study fee and no early cancellation fee.

  • Perks

    • Easy payments, in order to help you deal with any unexpected tax payments.
    • Flexibility, because you can repay it early at no extra cost.

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Tax Loan

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Finance up to € 60,000 of the tax you want to pay

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Return in up to 10 months

Icon / check Created with Sketch. No early termination fee

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