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Claims service obligation

By virtue of the provisions of Royal Decree-Law 1/2017 on urgent measures for consumer protection in the field of floor clauses, Banco Santander has created the Floor Clause Claims Unit to attend to claims that consumers may make in the field of application of said Royal Decree-Law.

These claims, which are voluntary for consumers, will be attended to and resolved within a maximum period of three months from their presentation in the Banco Santander Floor Clause Claims Unit.

Description of the procedure for handling claims

The claim must be submitted to the Floor Clause Claims Unit that Banco Santander has created, either by post or email, to the aforementioned addresses.

Once received at the Claims Unit, it will be studied and a decision will be made on its legitimacy or inadmissibility.
If it is not legitimate, the claimant will be informed of the reasons for the denial, putting an end to the procedure.

If applicable, the claimant will be informed, indicating the amount of the return, broken down and indicating the amount corresponding to interest. The claimant must communicate, within a maximum period of 15 days, their agreement or, where appropriate, objections to the amount.

In case of agreement, the claimant must go to their Banco Santander branch or any other of the Bank's branches, identifying themselves, stating their agreement in writing in the proposal made by the Bank, signing below.

The declaration of conformity must be made by at least one of the loan holders. Whoever signs in this condition will do so at their own risk and assuming the commitment to make it known to the other holders to, where appropriate, if necessary, distribute the amount.

Once signed, the floor clause Claims Unit will pay the agreed amount in the current account associated with the loan or, failing that, by banker's draft.

The refund received from these claims may generate tax obligations for its recipient, so it is recommended that the interested party consult the Tax Agency to find out what effect it may have on previous tax returns in which there have been tax credits for the interest paid in those years.

While this extrajudicial procedure lasts, no legal actions related to this claim may be brought. If the claimant filed a lawsuit prior to the end of the procedure, the process will be suspended until it is resolved.

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Customer service and ombudsman service:

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Bank of Spain Circular 5/2012, of 6 June, for credit institutions and payment service providers, on the transparency of banking services and responsibility in the granting of loans.

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