Within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy, Santander wants to provide all users with the maximum level of accessibility to its web content. To this end, it is adapting the design of the pages to the accessibility guidelines set by the WAI (Web AccesSibility Initiative) work group of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)1.

  • There are alternative text tags for images that facilitate access for users with eyesight problems.
  • There is a browsing model designed so that people who have difficulty handling the mouse can browse using alternative elements: Voice synthesisers, keypad, dictaphones, etc.
  • The colour and contrast of the elements are designed so that they can correctly viewed by all users.
  • The shape and composition of the elements makes it possible to easily and intuitively identify the function for which they are created.
  • There are tags that make it possible to read and browse through the graphics and tables.

1. At this time the site is progressing towards an AA level, with the final objective being AAA.

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