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Who is responsible for the processing of your data? Banco Santander, S.A. (hereinafter “the Bank” or “Banco Santander”).
Postal address: C/ Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, 11, 28027 Madrid.
Data Protection Officer / Privacy Office Contact:

Why and for what purpose do we process your personal data? The following are the various purposes for which Banco Santander processes them:

  • Processing carried out for the contract. They are necessary for signing the contract or for the provision of the service that you request from us.

    We will process your data to inform you about the Bank's products and services, for the purpose of acquiring them, as well as to maintain and fulfil the contract, evaluating for this purpose, when necessary, your solvency and credit risk.

    If you have used a digitalised handwritten signature in your interaction with the bank to request services and/or formalise transactions, we hereby inform you that we will store your biometric data obtained through the digitalisation of your handwritten signature (such as the stroke, intensity, speed, pressure and acceleration of the graph) and it will be processed exclusively as proof in the event of any repudiation in order to verify by comparison that the signature is yours and therefore perform customer authentication. Under no circumstance will we process your biometric data as a means of identification.

    In order to fulfil the contract, we may resort to external sources of information, such as official journals and newsletters, public records, government rulings, telephone directories, lists of persons belonging to professional associations, official lists for the prevention of fraud, social networks and the Internet.
  • Processing carried out with your consent. Provided that you have given your consent by ticking the box on the form that we make available to you.
  1.  Carrying out commercial activities:

    1.1. We will process your data in order to carry out commercial activities, as well as to draw up a commercial profile from your data, to offer you financial products and/or services different from those you may have taken out with the Bank, to congratulate you on special dates, to include you in loyalty programmes and to participate in draws organised by the Bank. These marketing activities may be carried out by any means, including electronically (e-mail, fax, SMS, social networks, mobile applications, etc.). This authorisation will continue even after your relationship with the Bank has ended.

    1.2. We will process your data in order to carry out commercial activities, both general and adapted to your marketing profile, to offer you products and/or services from Santander Group companies, partner and/or investee companies (for example, insurance companies and financial asset managers). These sales actions may be made by any means, including electronically (email, fax, SMS, social networks, mobile applications, etc.). This authorisation will continue even after your relationship with the Bank has ended. The partner and/or investee companies on whose products the commercial activities may be based belong to the following sectors: insurance, mass consumption, training, education and culture, home, health and beauty, hotel and travel, IT, telecommunications and technology, automotive, advisory services, real estate and construction, leisure and free time, security, textiles and fashion, restaurants, food-fishing and livestock, agri-food, sports, energy, repair and maintenance, transport, logistics, administration, advisory and consultancy, machinery and office materials, retail, industry, health and welfare services.
  2. We will disclose your data to companies of the Santander Group, as well as to companies that work with and/or are part owned by the Santander Group (such as insurance companies and financial asset managers), in order for them to carry out marketing activities, both general and adapted to your marketing profile, concerning their products and services or those of the Bank. These sales actions may be made by any means, both on paper and electronically (email, fax, SMS, social networks, mobile applications, etc.). You can access the full list of companies to whom we will disclose your data by requesting it from your Branch office or via the following link:
  3. We will refer to your data with companies that provide information on solvency, arrears and risk indicators in general, when we offer you personal finance.

In the event that you do not authorise the processing of your data for the above purposes, this will not affect the maintenance or fulfilment of your contractual relationship with the Bank.

  • Processing carried out for legitimate reasons
  1. We will process your data in order to carry out commercial activities, both general and those adapted to your marketing profile, in order to offer you products or services from the Bank similar to those you have already subscribed to. The marketing activities may be made by any means, including electronically (email, fax, SMS, social networks, mobile applications, etc.).
  2. We will process your data to make observations and to recommend Bank products and services. Specifically, we will process the transactional activity of the products and/or services you have arranged with the Bank, as well as the data on your savings and debt capacity. We will refer to the information we have for managing the services we provide you with or the products you have or have had in the last year.

    For these purposes, we can only refer to information from companies that provide information on solvency, arrears and risk indicators in general, if you give us your consent via the corresponding box on the questionnaire.

    With these two (2) above-mentioned processing procedures, the Bank pursues its legitimate interest in offering you the products and services that best suit your personal characteristics, as well as better conditions for products or services that you already have or may acquire in the future.
  3. We will process and/or disclose your data to third parties, whether or not they are companies of the Santander Group, in order to prevent, investigate and/or uncover fraud. The Bank's legitimate interest is to know and identify the participants in fraudulent activities in order to carry out the necessary actions.
  4. We will record your voice and / or your image and we will keep the telephone and / or video conversation, when we expressly tell you so. The Bank's legitimate interests are to maintain the quality of the service and to use the recordings as evidence in and out of court, when necessary.
  5. We will carry out anonymisation measures, after which the Bank will no longer be able to identify you. The purpose of these procedures is none other than to use anonymous information for statistical purposes and for the development of behavioural models.
  6. We will disclose your data to other companies belonging to the Santander Group and third party investees and/or companies working with the Santander Group (such as insurance companies and financial asset managers), in the event that you, as a customer of the Bank, acquire any of the products and/or services from these organisations that are marketed by the Bank. In this case, the disclosure will only affect a limited number of merely identifying data that the Bank holds concerning you, specifically, those strictly necessary for the conclusion of the contract. The aim is to simplify and speed up the arrangement via the Bank of the products it markets from other Group companies or third parties, given your status as a customer of the Bank. You can access the full list of companies to whom we will disclose your data by requesting it from your Branch office or via the following link:
  7. In the event of non-payment on your part, this may be reported to creditworthiness companies, such as Experian and/or Asnef, in compliance with the procedures and guarantees established at all times and recognised by current legislation. The Bank's legitimate interest is to comply with a suitable control and prevention of default situations, working to safeguard the financial system and the economy in general, while allowing access to solvency information to third parties which require an analysis of the solvency of applicants for risk transactions.

You may submit an objection to any of the above processing procedures on the basis of legitimate interest and, where appropriate, exercise your right not to be the subject of a decision based solely on automatic processing. To do so, you must contact the Data Protection Officer/Privacy Office and explain the reason for your objection.

  • Treatments carried out to comply with a legal obligation

We will process your data to comply with any applicable legal and tax obligations, such as the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.
We will also record any telephone conversation that ends or may end with the closing of an investment services operation, in order to comply with the legal obligation imposed by the MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). Where necessary, these processing activities will exist even after the end of the contractual relationship.
Furthermore, we hereby inform you that the Bank has video surveillance systems installed for security and access control reasons and in compliance with public safety, private security and other regulations that may apply to financial institutions, and that your personal image may be captured if you visit branches, ATMs, headquarters and other Bank buildings where such systems are installed. Whenever your image can be captured through video surveillance systems, the Bank will inform you by displaying plaques or signs.

What types of participation are covered by this document?This document is applied according to the categories of interested parties: contract holder, surety providers/guarantors, authorised parties and/or representatives.

The legal basis on which the processing is carried out by each type of participant is the following:


Account holder
Guarantor / Surety provider
Authorised party



As per authorisation
As per authorisation
As per authorisation
As per authorisation



Except commercial activities

Except commercial activities

Except commercial activities with the exception of sending advertising to representatives or contact persons of legal entities

Legal YES

Except risk assessment

Except risk assessment

How do we obtain your data?The Bank obtains your data from the following sources:

  • The information that you provide to us when you subscribe to and maintain products and/or services with us, both directly and indirectly. Some examples are: through inquiries, transactions, operations or contract requests.
  • External information sources, such as official journals and gazettes, public registers, government rulings, telephone directories, lists of persons belonging to professional associations, official lists for the prevention of fraud, social networks and the Internet, as well as third party companies to which you have given your consent for the transfer of your data to credit, financial and insurance institutions.
    In particular, the data that we will process includes the following categories: data of an identifying nature, data referring to personal characteristics and social circumstances, academic and professional data, marketing information.
  • Companies that provide information on solvency, arrears and, in general, financial or credit risk indicators.
    More precisely, the data that we will process includes the following categories: Identification data, economic, financial and solvency data; and data regarding transactions for goods and services.

How long will we keep your data for? We will process your personal data as long as it is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. If you cancel all contracts, you can:

  • Continue to consent to commercial activities: we will process your data for the commercial activities to which you have consented. We will assume that you have chosen this option if you do not expressly revoke your consent.
  • Revoke your consent to carry out commercial activities: we will cancel your data by blocking them.
    As a result of this blocking, the Bank will not have access to your data and will only process it to make it available to the competent Public Authorities, Judges and Courts or the Public Prosecutor's Office, for the purpose of dealing with any possible liabilities related to the processing of the data, in particular for the exercise and defence of claims before the Spanish Data Protection Agency. We will keep your data blocked for the periods provided for in the applicable regulations or, where appropriate, in the contractual relationship with the Bank, and will physically delete your data after these periods have elapsed.

Who will receive your data?

We transmit your personal data to:

1. Santander Group companies and third parties partially owned by Santander Group (for example, insurance companies and financial asset management companies). In accordance with the purpose of the processing stipulated in this document, we will only disclose your data to the aforementioned third parties: i) when doing so is necessary in order to undertake processes to simulate the acquisition of products and/or services from said entities, the actual acquisition of said products and/or services, and/or the maintenance and/or management of the contract in place with the aforementioned entities; ii) when you provide us with consent; iii) when the transfer is based on the legitimate interest of the bank and/or of the third party to which we disclose your data; and, finally, iv) when the transfer is required for compliance with a legal obligation.

You can view the full list of group companies and third parties partially owned by Santander Group to which we disclose your data by requesting it from your branch or via the following link:

2. Government agencies and private entities, when there is a legal obligation to disclose it to them (non-exhaustive list):

2.1) CIRBE (Servicio Central de Información de Riesgos de Banco de España — Bank of Spain Risk Information Centre): The bank, in accordance with Ley 44/2002 on the reform of the financial system, will disclose your identifying data (whether as a holder or guarantor) and data regarding the risk of the banking transactions you have contracted with us and, if applicable, your status as self-employed.

2.2) Financial ownership files of the Servicio Ejecutivo de la Comisión de Prevención del Blanqueo de Capitales e Infracciones Monetarias (Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offences): The bank, in accordance with regulations on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, must disclose the following to the Spanish State Secretariat for the Economy and Business Affairs: (i) identifying data of all holders, representatives and authorised persons and any other persons with dispositive powers in relation to current accounts, securities accounts and term deposits, independently of their business name, as well as amendments that may be made with regard to said accounts (ii) the start date, termination date and other mandatory data with respect to the aforementioned contracts.

2.3) The Spanish Tax Agency, in accordance with tax legislation.

2.4) Official bodies and authorities of other countries, both within and outside of the European Union, as part of the fight against terrorist financing, serious forms of organised crime and money laundering, in the case of funds transfer orders, and to comply with national and international legal and tax-related obligations if you have indicated multiple countries of nationality and/or for tax residence other than Spain.

2.5) Accounts auditors, when the bank must be audited to satisfy a legal obligation.

2.6) Deposit Guarantee Fund. The bank, for purposes of calculating contributions to the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions, will disclose, to said Fund, individualised information regarding balances corresponding to the deposits made by customers.

3. Courts and state law enforcement and security forces, when doing so is required due to a legal obligation or when it is necessary for the formulation, execution or defence of claims, on the basis of the legitimate interest of the bank to guarantee its right to effective legal protection.

4. Lawyers and legal representatives, when acting as procedural representatives before a court, on the basis of the legitimate interest of the bank to guarantee its right to effective legal protection and legal assistance.

5. Shared credit information systems: the bank may disclose your identifying data and data regarding non-payment to credit information systems with which the bank is linked, including Experian, Asnef and RAI. The procedures and guarantees in effect at any given time, as established and recognised by the legislation in force, will be complied with at all times.

6. Third parties for the prevention of fraud, such as Confirma Sistemas de Información S.L. (Confirma) and mobile phone operators. In the case of any request for the opening or acquisition of a payment product or service and/or a financing or deferred payment operation, the bank will disclose your data to the “Fichero Confirma” (a filing system managed by Confirma) for the prevention of fraud. The controllers of the Fichero Confirma are the participating institutions in the Fichero Confirma. The processor is Confirma Sistemas de Información S.L., with registered address at Avda. de la Industria, 18, Tres Cantos, 28760 Madrid. You can view the list of participating institutions at any time at, as well as exercise your data protection rights with respect to CONFIRMA by writing to the address indicated or emailing the Data Protection Officer at Your data will be stored in the CONFIRMA filing system for a period of two years. Moreover, with regard to any application for an acquisition of a product or service or when you amend your telephone number, your telephone number may be checked with mobile phone operators in order to detect potential identity theft and to prevent fraud.

7. Sociedad Española de Sistemas de Pago, S.A. (Iberpay): For any request for the opening or acquisition of a payment product or service with the bank via remote means (by telephone, electronically or online), and in order to comply with anti-money laundering legislation, when you opt for us to verify your identity via a third party that is subject to such legislation, we will transmit your data to the “Iberpay platform” for the sole purpose of verifying that you are the holder of the account that you have specified. The controllers as regards the “Iberpay platform” are the institutions participating in the SNCE (Sistema Nacional de Compensación Electrónica — Spanish National Electronic Clearing System), and the processor is Iberpay S.L. Moreover, for any application for an asset product through remote channels wherein you have authorised the bank to value the risk of the transaction by means of the aggregation service, we will transmit your data to the Iberpay platform to verify that you are the holder of the aggregated account.

Furthermore, for purposes of detecting and preventing fraud, the bank may add your data to a shared filing system for the prevention of fraud in banking transactions, which is managed by Iberpay and for which responsibility is shared by the participating institutions, including the bank, for the detection, investigation, monitoring and potential reporting of suspicious and fraudulent transactions involving your current or savings account. You may view the up-to-date list of the participating institutions as regards this filing system via the following link: [] and request additional information and enquire about the core elements of the co-responsibility agreement between said institutions by emailing

The only data that we will transmit to the filing system will be that relating to the IBAN and the holder of the account involved in the unauthorised or suspected fraudulent transaction. This data may be viewed by the other participating institutions. The legitimate basis for the processing is the legitimate interest of the bank to detect and prevent fraud in banking transactions involving your account, which is also in the interest of account holders potentially affected by fraud committed by a third party.

The data will be stored in the filing system for a maximum period of thirty days in the case of suspicious transactions, and of one year in the case of unauthorised transactions (when the fraud has been confirmed by the victim). The bank will automatically erase data included in the common filing system when they are no longer accurate or do not accurately reflect the situation of the victim.

8. Other credit institutions, state-owned corporate entities, brokers, venture capital firms and guarantee institutions, trusted third-party service providers, payment service providers, third-party aggregators, payment systems and technology service providers, Notaries, Registrars, valuing companies, digital certificate issuers and administrators, in cases where it is necessary for the execution of a contract or provision of a service that you request from us. For example, when you order a transfer to another institution within or outside the European Union, we will disclose, as necessary, your data for the execution of the order, or when risk operations that we grant you are guaranteed and/or subsidised by third-party institutions with which the bank has entered into a cooperation agreement (for example, the European Investment Fund or the ICO [Instituto de Crédito Oficial — Spanish official credit institution]), when you make a request to us for a transaction via a third party (broker) with which the bank works, or when the contract that you entered into with the bank must be notarised by a Notary Public or recorded in a Mercantile Registry, a Registry of Movable Goods or Property Registry, or when, with regard to an application to acquire a service, to obtain the documentation and information needed to consider said application, we are required to do so via a digital certificate issuer. Moreover, when processing a mortgage transaction, we will disclose your data to the administrator to calculate and prepare the provision of funds.

9. Banco Santander service providers: The bank also works in partnership with some third-party service providers who have access to your personal data and who process this data, as the data processor, on behalf of the Bank as part of their services.

To ensure compliance with its data protection obligations, the Bank follows strict criteria when selecting its service providers and it signs data processing agreements with them binding them to the following obligations: applying appropriate technical and organisational measures; processing personal data for the purposes agreed and only in accordance with documented instructions from the bank; and deleting or returning the data to the bank once the services have been provided.

Specifically, the Bank will arrange to have third parties provide services in sectors including but not limited to the following: logistics services, legal advice, administration, provider approval, multidisciplinary professional services companies, technological service provider companies, software service provider companies, physical security companies, instant messaging service providers and call centre service companies.

Will your personal data be transmitted to thirdcountries?

The data processors engaged by the bank may include providers outside of the European Economic Area, with your data being transmitted internationally. As such, the bank has appropriate safeguards of compliance with data protection regulations, including the signing of standard contractual clauses and binding corporate rules. The data subject may request further information regarding the aforementioned appropriate safeguards by using the contact information in the section “What are your rights when you provide us with your data?”.

Furthermore, when you request a transaction in which the destination bank account is in a country outside of the European Economic Area, your personal data will be transferred to the institution with which said account is held. In such circumstances, the legitimate basis for the aforementioned transfer is that it is necessary for the execution of the contract between you and the bank.



You can click on this link to find all additional information on data protection, including how to exercise your rights:


You can click on this link to find all additional information on data protection, including how to exercise your rights:

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