Benefits for Justice employees

If you're an employee in the Justice sector, at Banco Santander we have a series of services adapted to you, whether you are exercising your profession on your own or working for someone else.

Judges, Public Prosecutors, Lawyers belonging to the Ministry of Justice, forensic doctors, officials, lawyers, attorneys, labour relations expert, notaries or registrars are some of the profiles that can access these specially selected products and services.

  • Cuenta Justicia1. A transactional current account that will allow you to have debit and credit cards2; make unlimited deposits and be able to carry out multiple transactions and enjoy exclusive benefits.
  • This account has no maintenance or administration fees, nor for transfers3 or depositing cheques in euros.
  • Financing4. We help you with your expenses and projects.
  • Mortgages
    Santander Justicia has an exclusive range of mortgages, whether to acquire your home, second residence or even carry out renovations in your professional office.
  • Consumer
    Get a limit of €100,000 to finance your purchases.
  • Anticipo Nómina 6x65
    If you have your salary paid into your account you can get an advance of up to six monthly payments for up to a maximum of €12,000. In addition, you will have a period of 36 months to repay it and there will be no monthly repayments due during the first six months.

  • Cards. Manage your accounts with Santander Cards.
  • Santander Debit Card
    A card you can use to make debit withdrawals free of charge from any of the 30,000 Santander ATMs worldwide. There is no issuance or maintenance fee. An accident insurance policy6 up to EUR 120,000.
  • Santander Credit Card7
    A credit card with no issuance or maintenance fee, with deferred payment NIR 18% (APR 19.56%). Cash withdrawals at ATMs in Spain can be: Credit withdrawals against the card's credit limit or debit withdrawals, with immediate debiting of the account. Debit cash withdrawals at 30,000 Santander ATMs all over the world for free. An accident insurance policy6 up to EUR 120,000.

  • Insurance. Protect your day-to-day and your loved ones.
  • Home Insurance. Coverage against any damages that your home may suffer.
  • Life insurance. Your family is the most important thing, we can help you protect it against unforeseen events.
  • Health Insurance. Ensure your well-being and that of your loved ones.

Conduct your court transactions with Santander

Santander Online Banking allows you to directly carry out a series of daily operations. Gain access using your customer details and perform some of your professional tasks comfortably and flexibly.

  • Payment of deposits in court. Make payments to the Public Administration wherever and whenever you want.
  • Court Accounts. Enter the details and receive the information you need.

Furthermore, as a customer of Banco Santander and forming part of the Justice sector, you will have access to a series of special services and benefits for you and your family:

  • Online access to Court Accounts.
  • A discount when buying Altamira, Diglo and Casaktua homes. You can purchase the properties owned by the Santander Group with special discounts, both new builds and second-hand homes.
  • Benefits for spouse and family:
  • Scholarship programs and internships at companies for your children.
  • Preferential financing for their studies.
  • Current account and debit card for your children under 25.
  • Free additional cards for your spouse.
  • Access to the same preferential financing conditions for your spouse as joint account holder.

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