How can I finance a purchase?

You can finance a purchase and pay for it in a number of instalments with your Banco Santander credit cards. You choose the time frame for repaying the credit, and you can finance as many purchases as you like, subject to the conditions.

To finance a purchase, follow these steps: access the App, select the card and the transaction and click on "Defer purchase". Then select "Pay for this purchase using Defer purchase", choose the number of instalments and press next. You can also do this on the website, by entering your customer area and clicking on "Defer purchase" once you have found the transaction.

Purchases on credit involve an instalment interest rate and the payment of certain fees, such as those for issuing and administering the card. The final conditions and interest will depend on each card.

Credit purchases at Banco Santander

In addition to paying for a given purchase in a number of instalments, you can also decide to finance all your expenses with your credit card and pay a fixed instalment or a percentage of the card balance every month, which would include the return of the money made available plus the interest incurred. This is what is known as revolving credit, an option also available with Banco Santander cards.

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