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How do you want to achieve your objective?


Based on the risk you want to take

Explore the MyFund range, which consists of three funds so that you can choose the one that best suits your profile and the risk you are willing to take.

If you want sustainable investments

Invest in companies that are committed to innovation, energy efficiency and social well-being.

Don't worry about your investments

Let the Bank manage your investments across a wide spectrum of funds. You will take a suitability test to find out your risk profile.

To obtain returns: Generación Range

You can choose this range from among the mixed funds to receive quarterly payments through the redemption of units.

Buying directly on the Stock Exchange

Find out about the rates that will allow you to buy shares and other securities on the Stock Exchange.

Depending on your age

Mi Proyecto Santander Sostenible. Save with the same pension plan until the day of your retirement with sustainability criteria.

Depending on the risks you want to take

Mi Plan Santander. Find out about these pension plans with different percentages of investment in variable income to suit your risk profile.

Insured Pension Schemes

Save for your retirement starting today with guaranteed returns with the Assured Pension Plans.

With a guaranteed minimum

Enjoy a guaranteed minimum interest rate forever and which could be improved every six months.

Calculating how much money you will need

Discover how much you need to contribute monthly to achieve the income you want in your retirement with the plan simulator.

Mixed Funds

Invest in fixed and variable income assets and maximise the diversification of your investment.


Updated market information, company analysis and more.

Stock Exchange

Buy stocks and access the stock market to invest in growth companies.


Invest in fixed income and know the profitability at maturity from the outset.

Pension Plan Search Engine

Discover the pension plan that best suits you.


Save for your retirement via Pension Schemes if you live in the Basque Country.


Listed investment funds allow you to buy units at the same time as they are traded publicly.

Sustainable and Fair Trade Funds

It includes the first range of funds in Spain managed under the concept of sustainability.

Fixed Income Funds

Learn about these funds that invest primarily in highly liquid, low-risk assets.

Equity Funds

Funds that invest mainly in shares of companies in various sectors and geographic areas.

Third-party investment funds

Diversify your investment portfolio with funds from other managers, selected by our experts.

Protected Child Savings Plan

Save for the future of your children and gain peace of mind knowing that their education and future are protected.

Variable Income Plans

Save in the long term by investing in companies listed in the main markets.

Fixed Income Plans

Save for your retirement by investing mainly in the bond market.

Plan Simulator

Find out how much you must contribute monthly to achieve the income you want in your retirement.


For trading of both national and international shares, ETFs and warrants.


Free and easy tools for you to be informed so you can make the best decisions.

Structured Products

A single product that combines a number of different assets into a new investment opportunity.


Invest in derivative products. Buy an option to access assets at a price that benefits you.

Seguro Mi Ahorro

Save regularly by choosing between different investment baskets and receive a bonus for following through on your contribution plan.

Investment funds

Find the fund that meets your objectives and your investment time frame.

Pension plans

Plan for your future. Start saving for your retirement now.

Stock Exchanges and Markets

Invest in stocks with ease. Learn about products, rates, services and more.

My Santander Portfolio

A portfolio management service providing access to active and flexible management.

Savings Insurance

Insure your investments and choose the insurance that best suits your savings needs.


If you also think that people come first and then everything else, and that being digital is not an end but rather a means, then we are connected. At any time. However you like. Wherever you want.

Your bank is always with you

Contact your manager by phone, email or chat. Make face-to-face appointments or use the assistant to answer questions and learn how to make transactions through videos.

SO:FIA, investment platform

Trade on the stock market and view your investments. Simulate and compare using analysis tools.

Get your codes

Online Banking, make the most of your bank wherever you are

Track your savings and investments from your mobile phone. Don't miss a single detail concerning your finances, no matter where you are.

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Your investments in a click

View, study and manage your investment funds, pension plans, securities accounts and stock market investments.


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