More than 70 investment funds from all categories and geographical areas

In order to help you diversify your investment, in Banco Santander we offer you a wide range of funds from managers other than ours for you to compare and choose with which assets you can best complete your investment portfolio.

How does this service work?

Our team of experts analyses the investment funds from international management entities and the soundness of their investment processes and the strengths of their management teams based on qualitative and quantitative criteria.

Thanks to this analysis, Banco Santander is able to offer you more than 70 investment funds from a wide range of categories and geographical areas, from leading international fund managers so that you can choose the ones that best suit your investment needs.

You can make your own selection using the Fund Search Engine and filtering according to your needs:

  • Asset type
  • Currency
  • Geographic area
  • Risk level
  • Management Company
  • Profitability
  • Rating
  • Fees


The funds that Banco Santander offers you have been carefully selected by our team of analysts and they meet rigorous standards in investment and management processes.

The funds of third-party managers also offer features common to our entire fund offering:

  • Liquidity: you can have the amount you need almost immediately.
  • Taxation: the funds are exempt from capital gains tax until they are redeemed for individuals residing in Spain.
  • Diversification: the risk is spread among different financial assets to protect the investment.
  • Transparency: All the information you need to understand where you are investing your money is in the Fundamental Data for the Investor document.

Risks of investment funds of third-party management companies

Investment funds are products that depend on fluctuations in market prices and other variables, so investment in these assets involves certain risks:

  • Credit risk: due to the quality of the assets in which it invests, as well as its issuers.
  • Market risk: the market risks are:
  • Interest rate risk: both price variations and the duration of the portfolio affect fixed income assets.
  • Exchange rate risk: Exchange rate fluctuation for assets denominated in currencies other than the reference interest rate.
  • Due to investment in variable income assets: Derived from variations in the share price.
  • Due to investment in emerging markets.
  • Due to investment in derivative financial instruments: operations are carried out with options on portfolio securities.
  • Liquidity risk: this may adversely affect the liquidity of the fund and/or the price conditions at which the fund may be forced to change its positions.

How to arrange cover

If you are already a client, discover the selection of funds from third-party management entities that Banco Santander offers you through our investment platform SO:FIA. If you are not yet a client, discover the advantages of being a Banco Santander customer.

If you want more information you can contact us at your nearest Santander office.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.

Know the available assets

These are the types of assets available to you when contracting third-party funds:

  • Monetary and Fixed Income. These funds invest in bonds and obligations issued by states and/or private companies. This type of investment allows you to choose from very short terms to longer terms and is suitable for clients who do not want to take a high risk.
  • Mixed/Profiled. These are funds that combine fixed and variable income in different proportions depending on the fund. You can choose more or less risk according to your investment objectives and can use them as a sole investment as they are widely diversified.
  • Variable Income. These are funds that invest in the shares of various companies. In general, the risk is higher than for fixed income funds but, in return, they offer potentially higher returns. They allow us to cover the various geographical areas and special topics.
  • Sector funds. Within the variable income funds we can choose special themes and the sectors that best fit the market moment.
  • Absolute Return/Alternative. These funds seek to obtain positive returns, regardless of market conditions. Very different techniques are used and they are very useful to complement the portfolios and reduce their risk.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.


Third-party investment funds

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