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Santander Corto Plazo, FI

Fund that invests in public and corporate debt, deposits, promissory notes and other fixed-income assets.

Santander Renta Fija Privada, FI

For conservative investors, if you are interested in investing in public and corporate debt issuances.

Santander Gestión Global Equilibrado, FI

For conservative investors seeking to diversify their investment while assuming a moderate to high level of risk.

Santander Acciones Españolas, FI

If you want to invest in the Spanish stock exchange over a time horizon of more than 4 years.

Santander Gestión Global Decidido, FI

For those seeking to diversify their investment while assuming a moderate to high level of risk.

Santander Future Wealth, FI

If you're looking to invest in the megatrends of the future: society, technology and the environment.

Fondos Objetivo

If you are looking to invest in fixed income through a fund with a specific objective of known returns, not guaranteed, in a specific period.

Santander RF Ahorro, FI

To invest in a wide range of short-term fixed income assets.

Santander Dividendo Europa, FI

If you want to invest in European companies with a policy of distributing stable dividends over time.

Santander Sostenible Acciones, FI

It invests in European companies that are committed to the environment and society.



Our most popular funds

These investment funds are the most popular among our customers – find out more.

Santander Sostenible Crecimiento, F.I.

The fund managed to promote financial, environmental and social sustainability and corporate governance and which is the most popular fund among our customers.

Santander Gestión Global Equilibrado, F.I.

The most popular mixed fund from the Gestión Global range.

Santander Renta Fija Ahorro, F.I.

The preferred fixed-income fund among our customers.





Investment fund FAQs

What is an investment fund?

An investment fund is an investment vehicle made up of assets from many individual investors, where investment decisions are taken by a management company which represents and manages the investment fund, since it does not have legal personality.

What are the features of investment funds?


The management company monitors the management and risks on a daily basis and issues a regular management report. Meanwhile, depositaries and auditors monitor the management work of the fund management company.


A large team of professionals takes the appropriate decisions in line with the investment policy, with each fund following the established risk criteria. Our highly-qualified manager is Santander Asset Management.


Mutual funds provide access to a diversified portfolio and can mitigate the concentration risk in geographies, sectors or currencies.


From the outset, you will have all the necessary information contained in the fund's legal documentation: the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), information on costs, expenses and incentives and other legal information about the fund.


The liquid nature of our funds means you can withdraw any amounts you need almost immediately. In our blog, we explain the difference between an investment fund and a pension plan.


If you are an individual and a tax resident in Spain, you can transfer your investment from one fund to another without paying income tax1 when you perform the transfer.

You will only be taxed when you redeem your shares, allowing you to plan for taxation and the best time to realise all or part of the capital gains.

In addition, if you postpone taxation by making transfers, you will have the option of getting a higher return on your investments thanks to the multiplier effect brought about by the capitalisation of potential returns on your investments.


Risks of Investment funds

Investing in investment funds involves assuming a certain level of risk that will depend on the composition of each fund, market fluctuations and other factors associated with investing in securities, so there is a risk of losing all or part of your investment.


Due to the quality of the assets invested in, as well as the issuers of these assets. This is the risk that the issuer may not be able to make payments.


This is the possibility that financial instruments will be listed or fall below the price we paid for them. In this regard, the investments may be affected by:

  • Interest rate risk: interest rate fluctuations affect the price of fixed-income assets. Sensitivity to this risk depends on the duration of these assets.
  • Currency risk: fluctuation of the exchange value in the case of assets denominated in currencies other than the share reference currency.
  • Market risk due to investment in equities: arising from variations in the price of equity assets.
  • Risk from investing in emerging markets: political changes or economic circumstances can affect the value of investments.
  • Geographical or sectoral concentration risk: the concentration of our investment in a single area or sector increases market risk.


Investing in derivatives (futures, options etc.) may entail a higher risk in view of the nature of these products.


The risk that no counterparty is found in the market and, therefore, a product cannot be sold.


These risks correspond to environmental, social or governmental events or conditions. Factors contributing to the sustainability risk of an investment will include the type of issuer, sector of activity, geographical location and more.


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