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Santander Sustainable Growth, F.I.

The fund with management that values financial, environmental and social sustainability and corporate governance that is most popular with our customers.

Santander Balanced Global Management, F.I.

It's the mixed fund that is most popular with our customers from the Global Management Range.

Santander Fixed-Income Saving, F.I.

It's the fixed-income fund preferred by our customers.

Santander Activa

With this portfolio management service, your bank invests for you, while you dedicate your time to what you love most.

Choose your investment fund

Variable Income Funds

Funds that invest mainly in shares of companies in various sectors and geographic areas.

Sustainable and Solidarity Funds

It includes the first range of funds in Spain managed under the concept of sustainability.

Mixed Funds

Invest in fixed and variable income assets to maximise the diversification of your investment.

Fixed Income Funds

Learn about these funds that invest primarily in highly liquid, low-risk assets.

Third-party investment funds

Diversify your investment portfolio with funds from other managers, selected by our experts.

If you want to diversify... You have the portfolio management service, Santander Activa

Invest in a discretionary management portfolio

Santander Activa

Start investing from € 1000 with this automated investment service in which our experts will take care of the management, while you dedicate yourself to what you like the most.

Discover the keys for choosing your investment fund

Delegate management with Santander Activa

The Bank manages your investments through an automated portfolio management service that adapts to your risk and term expectations.

Depending on the risks you want to take

Discover the Global Management Range, comprising three funds for you to choose the one that best suits your profile and the risk you are willing to take.

If you want sustainable investments

Invest in companies committed to innovation, energy efficiency and social well-being.

For Periodic Income

The Income Generation Range offers you two mixed funds with which you can receive a recurring income via redemption of shares and distribution of dividends.


Featured funds have been selected based on arrangement data from 01/01/22 to 31/12/22. Source: in-house.

What is an investment fund?

An investment fund is an investment instrument formed by the equity of many private investors, in which investment decisions are made by a managing entity, which holds the representation and administration of the investment fund, as it lacks legal personality.

Characteristics of investment funds


The management company carries out management and risk control on a daily basis, issuing a periodic management report. For their part, the depository entities and the auditors control the management work of the fund management company.


A large team of professionals makes the appropriate decisions in line with the investment policy of each fund, following the established risk criteria. Our highly qualified managing entity is Santander Asset Management.


Investment funds allow access to a diversified portfolio, being able to mitigate the risk of concentration in geographies, sectors or currencies.


From the beginning you will have all the necessary information collected in the legal documentation of the fund: the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), information on costs, expenses and incentives and the rest of the legal information of the fund. There you will find all the data to understand where you will invest your assets.


The liquidity of our funds allows you to have the amount of your investment you need almost immediately. In our blog we explain the difference between an investment fund and a pension plan.

These are the special cases of liquidity:

  • If you have retired.
  • If you suffer a total, absolute permanent disability and high disability.
  • If you pass away.
  • If you have severe dependency or high dependency.
  • If you or an immediate relative suffers a serious illness.
  • If you are long-term unemployed.
  • If you are affected by COVID-19.


If you are a natural person and resident for tax purposes in Spain, you can transfer your investment from one fund to another with no obligation to pay personal income tax (IRPF)1, at the time of handover. You will only pay taxes when you reimburse your shares, allowing you to plan taxation and the ideal time to materialize all or part of the capital gains. In addition, if you postpone taxation through transfers, you will have the possibility of achieving a higher profitability of your investments due to the multiplier effect of the capitalization of the possible returns of your investments.

Risks of Investment funds


Due to the quality of the assets in which it invests, as well as its issuers, this is the risk that the issuer will not be able to meet the payments.


The securities may be listed below the price we have paid for them. In this regard, the investments may be affected by:

  • Interest rate risk: interest rate fluctuations affect the price of fixed-income assets. The sensitivity to this risk depends on the duration of these assets.
  • Foreign exchange risk: fluctuation of the exchange value in the case of assets denominated in currencies other than the reference currency of the participation.
  • Market risk due to investing in equities: derived from variations in the price of equity assets.
  • Risk from investing in emerging markets: political changes or economic circumstances can affect the value of investments.
  • Geographical or sectoral concentration risk: the concentration of our investment in the same area or sector increases market risk.


Investing in derivatives (futures, options, etc.) may incorporate higher risk given the nature of these products.


The risk that no counterparty is found in the market and, therefore, a product cannot be sold.


These risks correspond to environmental, social or governmental events or conditions. The sustainability risk of the investments will depend, among others, on the type of issuer, the sector of activity and its geographical location.

For more detailed information on the risks of investment funds, refer to the fund Prospectus and its Key Investor Information document.

1. Applicable for individuals residing in Spain.

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