Trade on the stock exchange from as little as € 3

Invest in the main national and foreign markets with advantageous buying and selling charges2, for shares, ETFs and warrants, depending on the value of the transaction:

€ 3 per operation up to € 2,000 € 20 per operation up to € 15,000
€ 6 per operation from € 2,000 to € 15,000 0,35% of cash volume for higher amounts
0,25% of cash volume for higher amounts

Please note that in order to access these fees, you must sign up for a new securities account.

How to start trading on the Stock Market

At Banco Santander you can arrange investment products in any of the following ways:


If you are a customer, enter your private area and access the Savings and Investment menu.


You can obtain more information about the investment products you are interested in and arrange them directly at our network of branches.

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