What are exchange traded funds?

ETFs are investment funds listed on the stock markets. In other words, just like stocks, they can be bought and sold on the Stock Market at the listed price.

As with traditional funds, listed ones invest in a wide range of assets allowing investors to access assets that they would not be able to directly access, such as indices, raw materials or emerging markets.

However, unlike traditional funds, listed investment funds allow investors to operate in the same way as other listed assets: they can buy and sell at the price reached in the market instead of subscribing to or redeeming a share at a settlement value that was calculated before or after that session.

The peculiarity of ETFs is that the investment objective is to replicate the composition and behaviour of a certain benchmark index (by sector, material, etc.) or securities portfolios, for example, equity indices (Ibex 35, EuroStoxx 50, Nasdaq 100, etc.) or fixed income.

ETFs are managed by a management entity that makes the investment or divestment decisions on different assets such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, etc., to comply with the investment policy of that fund. All information on the composition of the ETF and how it will be invested is detailed in the fund information prospectus.

Who can invest in listed investment funds?

ETFs are products aimed at investors with experience and knowledge of how the financial markets work. This type of investment requires constant monitoring of the position as the investment made could be lost.

The ETF's information prospectus includes a breakdown of all its characteristics and the risks to which it is exposed.

How can I invest in ETFs?

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