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In addition to providing you with tools needed to invest, we also offer you the experience of our analysts so you can make your investment decisions without missing any information and knowledge knowledge of the markets. Graphs, videos, reports, news ... You choose how deep you want to go.


Our team of analysts, at your fingertips


Get all the latest market news on your mobile phone.



Our daily video about the markets, where you will find all the key information to ensure you're up to speed.

You can access this through your Online Banking and app, in the Stock Exchange and Markets Area, or you can sign up to the Newsletter that is drawn up by our Analysis team every morning and sent to you every morning by email.


  • Access the outlook of our team specialised in Fundamental Analysis on the main national companies, free of charge and with ease, through your Online Banking and app, by going to the page for each company.
  • Get an outlook, based on the stock exchange history, financial position and growth prospects of the companies, to get an idea of whether to buy, sell or keep each security.
  • Don't miss the weekly video where we explain the main elements that should be taken into account when investing in the biggest national companies. You can find these in your Online Banking and app, in the Stock Exchanges and Markets Area, or you can sign up to the “In Focus” Newsletter which will be sent to you weekly by email.

  • Digital Analysis Tools 

    • Access reports, videos and news about over 9,000 international companies so you have all the information you need to invest.
    • Access the consensus of international analysts, to find out the outlook for buying or selling of the main Fundamental Analysts on companies from all over the world.
    • The investment platform contains various interactive graphs that show the price changes of companies, the securities that have gone up/down and been traded the most, and set up alerts to follow price changes and receive news about the securities you are interested in.

    • In summary, you will have everything you need to help you with your investment decisions.

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