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In addition to providing you with the most complete investment tools, we also offer you the experience of our analysts so you can make your investment decisions without missing any information and knowledge knowledge of the markets. Graphs, videos, reports, news ... You choose how deep you want to go.


Our daily video on the markets, where you will find the keys to start the day up-to-date.

You can get access through the SO:FIA investment platform or sign-up for the Newsletter that our Analysis team prepares every morning, and receive it in your e-mail.


We can provide you with reports, videos and news on more than 9,000 international companies so that you have the information you need to invest.

Every week, our Analysis team publishes a video explaining the key points to keep in mind when investing in the main national companies. You can find these in SO:FIA or sign-up for the Newsletter “En El Foco” [In the Spotlight] and receive it in your email every week.


On the investment platform you can also find different interactive graphs that show how company prices are performing, the consensus of international analysts, the shares that have most risen/fallen/been traded, and you can configure alerts to closely follow the performance of the share price and the news about the securities that most interest you.

In short, you will have everything you need at your disposal to help you with your investment decisions.

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Market Analysis

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Daily information in our ‘La Bolsa en 1 minuto’ [The stock market in 1 minute] video.

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Analysis of companies with investment prospects.

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Tools with technical and fundamental analytical data.

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