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Santander App

Carry your bank with you on your mobile. Make transfers, manage your cards, withdraw cash from ATMs and more.

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Get your passwords

To consult and perform transactions over the phone, online or on your mobile phone.

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How do I recover my access password?

Find out how to get a new password if you have forgotten yours or it has been blocked.

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How do I get an electronic signature and how do I activate it?

Your day-to-day banking in the palm of your hand

Be in control of what's happening with your accounts, cards and other products. Logging into your private account area will give you a summary of everything that has happened with your products since you last logged in. And also...


Check your balance and receipts

Have control over everything that happens in your account. Easily, at any time.

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Set up your alerts

Stay informed of the status of remittances, transactions, financing and upcoming charges.

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Recover your card's PIN or CVV

Access your card usage codes with absolute security.

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View fluctuations in different currencies

Learn how to order bank notes.

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Make payments

Send and withdraw cash

Finance purchases


Send or receive money by mobile phone in seconds, without the need to know the bank account details.

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Mobile payment

Make payments or withdraw cash from ATMs however and whenever you like with your mobile phone or smartwatch.

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Payment of bills and taxes

Set up your direct debits free from fees and without even leaving your home.

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Send and schedule transfers at any time with ease.

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Over 7,000 ATMs across Spain. Use your debit card and more to withdraw cash free of charge.

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Correos Cash

Withdraw cash and top up balances at over 4,600 Correos branches across Spain.

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Send money with a code

Use a code or QR code to withdraw cash from ATMs.

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Instant cash

Transfer money from your credit card to your account instantly, no questions asked.

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Split your purchase

Decide over how many instalments you want to pay off a purchase made with your credit card and split your purchase.

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Pay in 3

Pay in 3 instalments, interest-free, on any purchase up to €1,000 made with your credit card.

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Finance paying off your purchases at the credit card terminal in both physical stores and online.

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Finance bills

Unexpected bills charged to your account? Finance this amount in instalments without changing your payment method.

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What's more, for greater ease and security, if you have the Santander app, you can authorise your e-commerce transactions with your fingerprint.


Procure products and run simulations

Access all the commercial information, advantages and conditions relating to products so you can find the product best suited to your needs:

  • Financing products such as loans.
  • Investment products such as funds, pension plans and securities.
  • Protection insurance and renting.
  • Current accounts, pre-approved and pre-payment cards.

Piggy banks for your savings targets

Set your savings targets so you can save without thinking about it.

Choose how often you want to make a contribution and round up your card purchases.

Set personalised goals to help you save.



What should I do if I have an emergency?

If you have lost your card, you can use the app and your online banking to temporarily enable and disable your cards. To do this, go to the relevant card and toggle the "OFF Disable card/ON Enable card" button.

If you need to permanently block your card, select the relevant card, tap "Block card" and select a reason.

I need to change my passcode

You can change your passcode through the security menu in your private account area. If you want to change your card's PIN, go to any ATM.

I need to report fraud

If there are any charges you don't recognise or you suspect it could be fraud, call our customer service department or visit your local branch.


Find the help and advice you need


Santander Personal

A personal manager by your side to help you manage your money. However you like, whenever you like.

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Probate Service

For handling inheritance from a deceased person.

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With you, wherever you are

Branch and ATMs finder

Find the one closest to you.

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Work Café

A co-working space for customers and non-customers alike where you can work and induldge in a coffee.

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Branch opening hours

Cash counter opening hours extended to 14.00 at our 3,000+ branches and agents.

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Social media

Contact your bank in other ways. We're here to help, wherever you may be.

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