What is Google Wallet?

It is a payment platform for payment at physical outlets and online, easy and fast. Google Wallet was developed to be used in payment systems from mobile systems using the Android operating system, including: mobiles, tablets or smartwatches. In short, it offers you all you need to make purchases from your Android device, and keeps your data secure.

How to use Google Wallet for card payments

Use Google Wallet on any of your Android devices (mobile, smartwatch or tablet). Your operating system must be 5.0 or higher, with NFC technology.

How does it work?

Use Google Wallet for payments in all establishments that accept contactless payments. You simply bring your Android device up to the pay terminal with the screen lit to make the payment. You don't even need to open the application.

What do you need to use Google Wallet?

  1. An Android device with the Lollipop 5.0+ operating system and NFC technology.
  2. Download the Google Wallet application. 
  3. Free E-Commerce Service (CES) activated.
  4. A Santander MasterCard or Visa.

FAQs on Google Wallet payments

  • Which Santander cards can I add to Google Wallet?

  • You can add any Santander debit, credit or prepayment card, Visa or Mastercard, with the exception of the virtual prepayment card e-Cash.
  • Is it necessary to verify the payment method to start to use Google Wallet?

  • Yes, this is necessary because it helps the bank to protect your account. The bank will send you a verification code for you to enter in Google Wallet.
  • What device do I need to use Google Wallet?

  • To use Google Wallet, you must have an Android device with compatible NFC technology and the Android Lollipop 5.0+ operating system or better.

    To use Google Wallet you have to accept Google's privacy policy and the terms of use. Santander has no control over Google's decisions to make changes to Google Wallet or any of its services, products or software.
  • Where can I pay with Google Wallet?

  • At outlets which accept contactless payment and on websites or mobile applications which accept Google Wallet.
  • If I get a new card, do I have to register it again in Google Wallet?

  • No, if you get a new card because the previous card has expired or you have requested a change due to deterioration, your old card will be automatically replaced by the new card in Google Wallet. You can use your card in Google Wallet even if you have not received the replacement card.
  • How can I remove a card from Google Wallet?

  • In your Google Wallet application, tap the profile icon. Then go to Payments and subscriptions > Methods of payment > More > Payment configuration. You may be asked to start a session in Google Wallet. Then choose the method of payment you wish to remove, and press Edit.
  • Is Google Wallet safe?

  • Google Wallet uses several security layers to protect your payment data, and one of the world's most advanced security infrastructures to ensure that your account is protected at all times. When you make payments at physical outlets, Google Wallet does not share your card number, and so your information is protected.

    For non in situ payments on Internet or via apps, when the payment options appear you must select Google Wallet. It will then send your address and payment data to the company securely. 

Useful information

Click here for the Banco Santander S.A. Terms and Conditions for mobile payments with “Google Wallet”. All Santander cards may be used for Google Wallet except: e-Cash prepayment cards and some corporate cards. The bank reserves the right to modify the cards authorised for use via Google Wallet, informing the customer in due time and format. Google Wallet operates on Android devices with the Lollipop 5.0+ operating system and NFC technology.

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