Transfers from your Santander App

Domestic and international transfers

Transfer money to any account at any bank, at home or abroad.

Save time

Reuse transfers or set up a standing order.

Keep an eye on security

Activate your alerts and receive a notification each time a transfer is made.

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Make transfers easily and securely

Making a transfer with the Santander App isn't rocket science.

How to make a bank transfer?

  1. Use your access codes to access the Account Overview and choose the account from which you want to make the transfer.
  2. Click on the send money icon and select transfer.
  3. Input the amount and reference.
  4. To chose the recipient of the transfer, input this manually or search in favourites.
  5. Choose when you want to make the transfer (today, choose a day or set up a standing order).
  6. Select the transfer method and confirm the transaction using your signature key, or if you prefer, using your fingerprint or face thanks to Santander Key.
  7. And that's it! Transfer completed.

Start using your Santander App:

  • Making domestic transfers, transfers to your favourite recipients, and transfers between accounts.
  • Viewing and reusing transfers.
  • Viewing and managing standing orders and deferred transfers.
  • Managing your favourite recipients from your personal area.
  • Making international transfers to SEPA zone countries.

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