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Loan Simulator

Calculate your monthly loan fee in a few steps and check if you are pre-authorized.

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Santander Personal Loan

A loan tailored to your projects and illusions.

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Sustainable Consumption Loan

Incorporate sustainability into your day-to-day decisions.

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Salary Advance Loan

Get up to 2 months' pay for dealing with unexpected expenses or whatever you like.

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Renting for Individuals

Your new car or the latest technological equipment whenever you want.

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Always Connected

If you also think that people come first and then everything else, and that being digital is not an end but rather a means, then we are connected. At any time. However you like. Wherever you want.

Online Banking: no restrictions on time or place.

You decide how, when and where to interact with your bank. We make it easy for you: you can access accounts and cards from your mobile and carry out transactions.

Get your codes

  Send money easily using Bizum.

  Track your expenses and income for the month with graphs.

  View and manage your bills.

  Block, turn on or turn off your cards and check their PIN and CVV numbers.

  Set your alerts to always be kept up-to-date.

Arranging products

We believe that technology can also benefit people and that is why we are wherever you are. You can arrange online: accounts, debit and credit cards, pension plans, insurance, pre-approved loans...

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Your bank is always with you

We make our services available to you from any place: Santander Orienta, search for you nearest branch or ATM, chat, Superlínea, assistant for questions and video tutorials.


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