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At Santander we have provided you with an online system to book your appointment, allowing you to make an appointment at your nearest branch,whether you are a customer (whether you are a natural or legal person), or if you are not.

All you have to do is choose the branch, the time that suits you best, and the business to be discussed. A manager will be waiting to provide you with the best possible service.

How to arrange an appointment if you are not a customer or have no access to our digital channels?

  • If you are not a customer or have no access to our digital channels, click here to arrange an appointment, and follow the steps to choose the date, time and branch that suit you best.

How to make a prior appointment with a personal Banco Santander manager if you are a customer?

Go to the private area, then to the "Customer service" area, and click on "Appointment at branch for commercial business".

Click on the help centre and click on "Make an appointment at your branch".

How can you request an appointment if you are a legal entity?

Shall we talk?

Whether you are a customer or not, make your arrangements when and where you prefer. No waiting.


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