With guaranteed interest

SIALP Savings Plan

For savers committed to an objective. Save month by month, and you can get a bonus.

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With excellent taxation

PIAS Santander Range

Five savings plans to start saving today and enjoy guaranteed recurring income in the future.

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Insured Pension Schemes

Save comfortably and safely for your retirement.

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My Savings Insurance

Receive a bonus for meeting your contribution plan.

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Protected Child Savings Plan

Save for your children's future and gain peace of mind.

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Through our Savings Insurance products you guarantee yourself a future return, whether you make regular contributions or occasional ones. In the case of regular contributions, you can enjoy an additional return depending on the product.


The different possibilities of our Savings Insurance products allow you to select the one that best suits your needs and objectives. Whether you are thinking of saving over the medium or long term for when you retire or to enjoy it. We can offer you a solution for each situation.


By taking out our Savings Insurance you will enjoy all the tax benefits offered by current regulations.


Insured Pension Schemes (PPA in Spanish) and pension plans share the same purpose although they have different characteristics. If you want to get the most out of them, find out the difference between a PPA insured pension scheme and a pension plan - (PDF-184.79KB) .


Always Connected

If you also think that people come first and then everything else, and that being digital is not an end but rather a means, then we are connected. At any time. However you like. Wherever you want.

Your insurance on your mobile device

Access your insurance policies from anywhere and at any time. You decide how, when and where to interact with your bank.

Get your codes

Check your insurance details in one click

Check your policy coverage and other information such as the expiry date. From the Online Banking platform you can also access our Contact Centre.


Calculate, compare and contract

From your mobile device, calculate the price of your car, home, health or life insurance, and take out your policy online or by phone.

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Your bank is with you everywhere you go

Request your Santander Personal manager and contact him to resolve any queries. We can also help you through our FAQ wizard and videos.

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