• What are Mexican pesos?

  • The Mexican peso is the official currency of Mexico. The current Mexican peso came into circulation on 1 January 1993. It is identified with the symbol $ and is divided into 100 centavos, which are represented by the symbol ¢.

    You can use the currency converter to easily calculate how many Mexican pesos are equivalent to one euro and vice versa.
  • Which coins and banknotes are currently valid?

  • If you are planning to change euros into Mexican pesos, it is worth knowing which coins and banknotes are currently valid and in use in the country. Banknotes in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 pesos are currently in circulation in Mexico, in addition to coins in denominations of 10, 20, 50 centavos and 1, 2, 5 and 10 pesos.
  • Converting euros to Mexican pesos: Is it a good idea to travel with physical banknotes?

  • Although the use of credit cards and other digital payment methods is becoming increasingly common, it can be useful to take a small amount of cash with you when travelling in case of unforeseen events (your card not working, card payments not being accepted, small payments at market stalls etc).

    If you are going to Mexico, you can take some cash that you have already converted from euros to pesos.
  • What do I need to exchange euros to Mexican pesos?

  • In order to exchange currency, you will need to provide identification, as a measure to prevent money laundering. When making the transaction, you will be asked for your name, surname(s) and DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad — Spanish national identification card) to confirm your identity.

    In addition, when exchanging euros for Mexican pesos or any other foreign currency, we recommended that you request the foreign currency from your bank several days in advance. This is because, depending on the currency and the amount ordered, this process can take some time.
  • Which banks will exchange euros for Mexican pesos and Mexican pesos for euros?

  • You can exchange euros for banknotes in another foreign currency, such as Mexican pesos, at any banking institution in Spain, and at some bureau de change outlets. If you decide to exchange money directly at your destination, you can do so at a bureau de change or by withdrawing money at an ATM.

    If you are preparing for a trip to Mexico and you need Mexican pesos, you can exchange euros at any Banco Santander branch. The most convenient way is to order through Online Banking or on the Santander app.

    Here's how to order foreign currency in each case:

    Ordering Mexican pesos through Santander Online Banking

    If you need to exchange euros for Mexican pesos, you can order them through the Banco Santander website and collect the banknotes later. To do so, use your password to access Online Banking and follow these steps:

    1. Select your account.

    2. Choose the "Purchase foreign currency" option from the menu to the right.

    3. Fill in the form, specifying the bank account to which you wish to charge the transaction, the amount, the foreign currency that you need and the branch where you wish to collect the banknotes. You will also need to specify how you would like the bank to contact you about collecting the banknotes.

    Ordering Mexican pesos through the Santander app

    If you need to exchange euros for Mexican pesos or Mexican pesos for euros, you can order them through the Banco Santander app and then the banknotes from a branch. To do so, access your account overview using your password and follow these steps:

    1. Tap "+" on the main menu.

    2. Select the "Foreign currency" option.

    3. Within this menu, select the currency that you are interested in, specify the amount that you want to obtain and choose the branch where you wish to collect the currency.

    4. We will contact you with a date and time for collection.

    Purchasing Mexican pesos at a Santander branch

    You can also exchange euros for Mexican pesos or Mexican pesos for euros by visiting your nearest Santander branch. Order the amount you need and come back for it when it is ready. We recommend that you do this a few days ahead of the date on which you plan to travel abroad.

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