• If I need banknotes, how can I request foreign currency from the App Santander or the website?

  • From the App

    1. Click on “+” on the main menu.
    2. Select the "Foreign currency" option.
    3. Select the currency you want, state the amount (you can do this in euros and also in other currencies) and the branch where you want to collect the cash.

    From the website

    1. Select your account.
    2. Select the "Purchase foreign currency" option on the right-hand menu.
    3. Fill in the form, stipulating the bank account where you wish to charge the transaction, the amount of currency you need, and your contact data for the bank to contact you and give you information on how to collect the cash.

    Remember that you can also exchange currencies at your nearest Santander branch to request the transaction. We advise you to carry out the operation a few days in advance of the date of your trip abroad.

    When you return from your trip, if you still have any foreign currency you can exchange yens for euros at any of our branches.

  • Where can I exchange euros for yens?

  • Exchanging euros for another foreign currency such as the yen is a transaction you can carry out in Spain, at any bank; or at your destination, through an exchange desk or an ATM.

    If you are making ready for a trip and you need yens, you can exchange at any Banco Santander branch, but the easiest way to do this is to make your request through online banking or the Santander App.

    Whichever method you choose, you should make your request for foreign currency in good time to guarantee availability.

  • I'll be going to Japan soon - how long will it take to exchange euros for yens in the amount I need?

  • Whenever you need to exchange euros for a foreign currency and you are going to do this at your bank, you should request currencies with a few days' notice, because, depending on the currency and the amount required, this procedure - which usually takes two or three days - may take longer.

  • Exchange and quotes for the Japanese yen

  • For a current quote on the Japanese yen, you can consult our currency converter, as the exchange rate varies from day to day.

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