The exchange rate shown is merely indicative and is not the exchange rate that might be applied in transactions with the Bank.

  • Where can I exchange euros for yens?

  • Exchanging euros for another foreign currency such as the yen is a transaction you can carry out in Spain, at any bank; or at your destination, through an exchange desk or an ATM.

    If you are getting ready for a trip and you need yens, you can carry out the exchange at any Banco Santander branch – the easiest way is to request an appointment here.

    Whichever method you choose, you should make your request for foreign currency in good time to guarantee availability.

  • I'll be going to Japan soon - how long will it take to exchange euros for yens in the amount I need?

  • Whenever you need to exchange euros for a foreign currency and you are going to do this at your bank, you should request currencies with a few days' notice, because, depending on the currency and the amount required, this procedure - which usually takes two or three days - may take longer.

  • Exchange and quotes for the Japanese yen

  • For a current quote on the Japanese yen, you can consult our currency converter, as the exchange rate varies from day to day.


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