Buying and selling of shares for individuals

The Stock Exchange is a market where buyers and sellers trade shares, a meeting point for companies and investors to connect to meet their respective objectives.

In its role as a primary market, companies come to seek additional financing so their businesses can continue growing. Therefore, they issue capital (in the form of shares) that they sell to investors.

Once issued, they can be bought and sold, giving rise to a secondary market in which investors, both individuals and institutions, seek to obtain a return on the money they have to invest.

Investors have access to multiple investment alternatives and in the case of the stock market these are the shares that make up the capital of the different companies.

What are shares?

When investing in the Stock Market, investors access to different investment products and one of them is shares.

The holder of a share is therefore the owner of an aliquot part of the issuing company and it has political rights (such as participating and voting in shareholders' meetings) and economic rights (such as receiving a share of the profits obtained by the company through the dividends it distributes).

The investment in shares does not have a defined maturity, it is not guaranteed and its return (dividends and capital gains/losses) will depend on the performance of the company and the behaviour of the financial markets.

 Who can invest in the stock market?

Anyone can invest in shares, but before doing so, you must assess your personal situation, the short, medium and long-term liquidity needs and your objectives.

Investing in Equities can be short, medium and long term and depends on the customer's investment strategy. It also allows investors to easily diversify their portfolio by geographic area and sector.

The price of the shares of a company depends on the performance of that company (the profits it has obtained and those forecast, as well as its dividend distribution policy) and on the factors that affect the market or markets where it operates (political, regulatory, economic stability, etc.).

How can I buy shares?

If you want to start investing in shares, Banco Santander is at your disposal so that you can find the product you are interested in.

These are the Markets in which you will be able to trade: Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, United States of America, France, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland

    If you are a customer, enter your private area and access Banco Santander's investment products and the SO:FIA investment platform, the most complete tool for trading in national and international markets.
    All of this from only € 3 per transaction of up to € 2,0001.
    Otherwise, become a customer.

    You can obtain more information about the investment products and arrange those you are interested in at our network of branches.


If you want to start investing you can find the products here to begin right now.

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