Buy and sell national and foreign shares

Did you know that you can be the owner of a company like Amazon or Ferrari? Or of a part of them, at least. And the process to take up a stake in the equity of companies you are most interested in is very simple, if they are listed on the stock market.

To invest in the stock market you do not need any minimum amount, i.e. you must pay the listed price of the share and associated costs, at a rate starting at only EUR 3 for transactions up to EUR 2,0001. You can invest in the short, medium or long term depending on your investment strategy, and you can easily diversify your portfolio by geographies and sectors.

How can I buy shares?

To invest in shares you have tools and investment ideas, free of charge and online.

Carry out simple 100% digital transactions

Go to your private area and go into the Savings and Investment menu.

Take a look at the digital tools and products

To buy and sell easily, with a simple process to determine whether you are starting out as an investor or whether you are an expert.

Trade on international stock markets

In addition to the national market, you can also trade on the following markets: Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, the United States of America, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.

What kind of investors invest in shares?

Anyone can invest in shares, but it may be of more interest to people who:

  • Are seeking a return, in the knowledge that the value of the shares can go up or down in the market.

  • Are willing to risk their capital in the hope of better returns.

While it is true that anyone can invest in shares, before you do so should assess your personal situation, your liquidity needs in the short, medium and long run, and the objectives you want to achieve.

Shall we talk?

If you have any questions or want to know more about how to invest in stocks, leave us your information.


Share FAQS

  • What is the stock market?

  • It is a market where buyers and sellers negotiate share trading, a meeting point for businesses and investors to meet their respective objectives.

    Companies go to the market in search of extra funds to ensure their businesses continue to expand. This is what is known as the primary market. In this process, they issue capital (in the form of shares), and sell it to investors.

    When the shares have been issued, they can be bought and sold, giving rise to a secondary market used by investors, both individual investors and institutions
  • What are shares?

  • When they invest in the stock market, investors have several investment products available to them, and one of these products is shares.

    The owner of a share is, therefore, the owner of a certain portion of the issuing company and has voting rights (such as the right to attend and vote at shareholders' meetings) and also economic rights (such as a share in any profits that the company may earn, through the dividends distributed).

    An investment in shares has no definitive expiry date, it is not guaranteed, and the return (dividends and capital gains/losses) will depend on the performance of the company itself and the behaviour of finance markets.

    A company's share price depends, firstly, on the performance by the business (any profits it has earned and any it is expected to earn, and its dividend distribution policy), and, secondly, on factors affecting the market or markets in which it operates (political, regulatory, economic stability etc.).

Invest in company shares

Icon / check Created with Sketch. No minimum investment.

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Simple 100% digital operations.

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Possibility of diversification by geographies or sectors.


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