Fixed Income defines the term and interest from the first moment

When investing in fixed income, you will know the term and interest right from the start

Fixed income assets, such as bonds and commercial paper, allow you to invest in the debt of companies or public institutions.

By investing in fixed income you will:

  • Know what to expect from your investment right from the start.
  • Receive regular coupon (interest) payments, in most cases.
  • Recover your initial investment, either at maturity or during the term of the investment.
  • Start investing from €1,000.

How can I invest in fixed income?

You can invest in fixed income fully online

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What kind of investors invest in fixed income?

Anyone can invest infixed income. However, it tends to be more popular among investors who:

  • Are looking for stability in the medium to long term.
  • Like to know what to expect from the outset, rather than having the opportunity to earn a larger but unknown return.
  • They are not willing to undertake high risk in the hope of better returns.
  • While anyone can invest in fixed income, before you do so you should assess your personal situation, your liquidity needs in the short, medium and long run, and the objectives you want to achieve.

    Consult the information on the costs and expenses associated with the operation and custody of securities, as well as those associated with financial instruments in the pre-contractual documentation of the product.

    In your Online Banking and APP you can see all the information about each value.

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Fixed Income FAQs

  • What is fixed income?

  • Fixed Income is an investment product that offers access to debt of companies or institutions. Therefore, they are products that recognize the existence of a debt for the entity that issues them. While, on the other hand, the investor in a fixed income product becomes a creditor of the entity issuing the product. Examples of fixed income are bonds, bonds, etc. That is, investing in Fixed Income means lending money to companies or public institutions, becoming a creditor or lender of them.

    In general, it allows to know the profitability and the time horizon from the beginning and some allow to receive periodic interest payments. The investment has a defined maturity, and the invested capital is recovered at maturity or over the life of the investment.

    In most cases the amount of interest and the payment date are defined from the outset.

    Fixed income securities confer economic rights on the investor (but not voting rights) that the issuer must honour. If the company is liquidated or wound up, creditors (fixed income investor) have priority over shareholders (equity investors).

Fixed Income

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Periodic interest payments, in most cases.

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Term and interest fixed at the beginning, in most cases.

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Start investing from just €1,000 of capital.

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