Invest today in trends that has the potential to shape the future.


Artificial Intelligence

Companies developing technologies that mimic human behaviour.

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New energies

A sector undergoing profound transformation as it shifts towards a more sustainable business model.

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People's health

A sector with very good prospects according to the analysis reports.

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Climate change

Investing in climate change mitigation is an opportunity to align your financial objectives with the well-being of the planet.

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Technological revolution

Companies that generate innovative technological solutions or services with a positive impact on communities.

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Investments that are guided by criteria incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance factors.

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Where experts invest1

Invest your money in the same companies as the world's most renowned investors.


Warren Buffet

His philosophy: "It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price."

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Cathie Wood

She is recognised for her unique, forward-thinking investment approach, which involves identifying emerging trends.

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George Soros

He gained widespread recognition in 1992 for a bold investment against the British pound.

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Bill Gates

American entrepreneur, philanthropist and one of the founders of Microsoft.

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Ray Dalio

Hedge fund manager and founder of Bridgewater Associates.

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Stanley Druckenmiiler

The investment strategy he employs takes a top-down approach that centres on the macroeconomic perspective.

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Investment strategies

Explore investment options that can align with your financial goals.



Achieve profitability by investing in companies that offer dividends. Long-term.

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Invest in companies that may have stable margins over time, reasonable debt and advantages.

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Minimal volatility

The strategy aims to attain exposure to assets that have lower risk profiles as compared to their counterparts.

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Stocks whose stock market price may be below their intrinsic or real value.

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Stocks that are expected to have strong earnings growth above the market.

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Stocks that exhibit a strong bullish momentum and where this positive trend is expected to persist.

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Other tools for finding investment ideas

Popular securities

Securities that are soaring or plunging on the market, the securities that are most sought after or the most purchased.

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Advanced Search Engines

Filter by country, currency, sector, market and, even, by companies being watched by international analysts.

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Trading ideas

Discover strategy reports from our team of experts in the area of analysis.

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Our experts, in your inbox

Receive weekly market insights from our analysts.

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Discover investment ideas by theme

Find ideas to invest according to your interests, selected by our team of experts.



Financial instruments involve certain risks (market, credit, liquidity, currency, interest rate, sustainability, etc.), so there is a risk of losing all or part of the investment. The risks are detailed in the legal documentation of the product.


Thematic investing FAQS

  • What is thematic investing?

  • Thematic investing is a way of investing in financial products classified by international market trends. This type of investment takes into account the potential to affect our day to day and produce changes in the future that these trends could have, beyond the more traditional criteria such as, for example, past performance, etc.
  • Furthermore, through the strategic grouping financial products into trends, thematic investing lets you invest in themes that align with your interests and that can be adapted to your philosophy.
  • How does thematic investing differ from other forms of investment?

  • The main difference between thematic investing and other forms of investment is that thematic investing focuses on identifying trends with a potential for the future. These trends reflect the contemporary challenges facing our society, such as climate change, aging populations, mobility, future food security and more.
  • At Banco Santander, our investment strategies are rooted in comprehensive research reports conducted by our team of analysts.
  • What factors should be considered in a thematic investment?

  • It is important to understand the purpose of each theme, as you will identify with it more or less depending on how it aligns with your values and beliefs. We also need to consider our understanding of the financial product and our risk aversion, as there are a variety of investment options available.
  • What types of assets can be invested in through themes?

  • Each theme offers a wide range of investment options, including equities, ETFs and fixed-income bonds. Our team of analysts conducts thorough research on all options before incorporating them into our themes, being based on analysis reports.
  • How can I invest in themes?

  • You can invest in the financial products of the available themes via your online banking (website and app) or in person at any branch.
  • Are the themes always the same?

  • In today's ever-evolving world, Santander believes in being agile and responsive to the shifting landscape. Therefore, new themes will be added depending on international market trends.

Financial instruments involve certain risks (market, credit, liquidity, currency, interest rate, sustainability risk, etc.), and all or some of the investment may therefore be lost. The risks are listed in the product's legal documents.
Before taking any investment decision, investors must consult the information in the financial instrument's legal documentation (in the case of a Collective Investment Undertaking (CIU), in the Prospectus and in the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), available both from the relevant supervisory body and from the market where the instrument may be admitted to trading, if any, and on the website of the issuer or the management company. The decision to invest in a financial instrument must be taken in due consideration of all the characteristics or objectives of the financial instrument described in its legal documentation. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results, and if the financial instrument is denominated in currencies other than the euro, performance may be better or worse as a result of monetary fluctuations.
The opinions expressed in investment and analysis reports reflect the personal opinions of the analysis teams producing them at the time of issuance and they may be amended. Provision of such information does not constitute the provision of an investment advisory service. Under no circumstance may this information be used or considered as a buy or sell offer. Any investment decision by the recipient of this information must be taken in due consideration of the legal documentation for the financial instrument concerned.
Any returns obtained from investments will be taxed based on the tax legislation that applies to the personal situations of investors and may vary in the future.
This is an advertising communication for commercial purposes. The information contained herein is not contractual and is not a legal requirement; nor should it be treated as a recommendation to invest or any form of advice, and it is not sufficient in itself as the basis for a decision to invest.
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