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The Energy Efficiency Loan is a green loan to finance reforms or improvements in your home that lead to energy savings and an improvement in the energy rating of your home. With it, you can also finance the purchase of sustainable appliances.

To enjoy it, you will have to provide proof of the destination of the funds through the construction project or budget for the reform to be carried out or the purchase invoice for the new appliances.

This loan offers you:

  • Fixed annual nominal interest rate: 4%.
  • APR1 4.38%.
  • Financed arrangement fee: 1%.
  • Early repayment: you can repay the loan in part or in full with no commissions. If you receive any kind of subsidy, you can use it for the loan repayment to reduce your debt at no cost.
  • Flexibility: because you can repay it over up to 7 years.
  • Minimum and maximum loan amount: EUR 1,000 – 100,000.

Purpose of the Energy Efficiency Loan 


  • Installation of solar panels.
  • Storage batteries.

Heating, cooling and hot water

  • Installation of heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems with energy ratings A+, A++, A+++ (old labelling between A+++ and D) and A, B or C (new labelling between A and G).
  • Condensing boilers: installation of heating and hot water systems using condensing boilers.
  • Heat pumps: installation of heat pump heating and cooling system by means of splits or ducts.
  • Aerothermal: installation of heating, cooling and domestic hot water system using aerothermal system.
  • Geothermal: geothermal installation, systems that convert heat from the ground into thermal energy (heating, cooling and domestic hot water).

Control and automation

  • Intelligent control devices for water, electricity, ventilation and air-conditioning for integrated efficient energy management.

Façade and building envelope insulation

  • Replacement of exterior carpentry: Installation of aluminium or PVC windows with thermal break, low-emission double glazing, complying with the limits established in the Technical Building Code (CTE) for Energy Saving.
  • External thermal insulation system (SATE).
  • Ventilated façade.

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Energy efficiency loan

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