Finance for your digital and sustainable transformation project

The R&D&I Agro Loan provides finance for projects involving digital transformation of arable and livestock operations or the agrifood industry, with the option to pay it back over up to seven years.

Who can benefit from this loan?

  • Natural and legal persons, owners of agricultural operations.
  • With projects relating to arable and livestock operations or projects in the agrifood industry.

What type of investments is this loan for?

  • For the installation of sensors to measure humidity, water requirements for the soil or efficient use of water.
  • For genetic research into seeds or biostimulants or biofertilisers.

What documentation do I need to provide to apply for this loan?

  • Documentation proving your arable or livestock activity: CAP, livestock record, agricultural insurance or vineyard registration.
  • Invoice for the investment you plan to make.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.


Frequently asked questions regarding R&D&I projects

  • What are R&D&I projects?

  • R&D&I is an acronym that refers to the terms research, development and innovation, which are applied in combination to advance and expand a business from an economic and technological point of view.

    Developing an R&D&I project involves increasing the added value of a business and improving its market competitiveness. In addition, it can bring about benefits at the tax level, the possibility of receiving public subsidies and further access to private financing.

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