Get cash quickly and securely

Without a card

Withdraw cash from an ATM without using your card.

Generate a code

With the App, a code or a QR code, in just a few simple steps you can withdraw cash.

Send the code to whoever you like

If you want someone else to withdraw the cash from the ATM, you can send them the code securely, without having to move an inch.

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How to use the Santander App to withdraw cash from an ATM

Left your card at home? If you need cash, that's not a problem.

How to withdraw cash without a card using only your mobile?

  1. You will need to have installed the Santander App on your mobile and have your access codes available.
  2. To withdraw cash, you will need a contactless ATM. Find the one closest to you, from your Santander App: click on the top menu on the right, then select "ATMs" at the bottom of the screen; there you can see all the services available at ATMs, including contactless.
  3. Once at the ATM, on the screen press the button "Transactions without a card" and then click on "Withdraw money using a code" and enter the code generated by the Santander App.
  4. If yo wish, you can share the code so that someone else can withdraw money.

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