Cybersecurity tips for your day-to-day

In this day and age, staying safe online has to be a priority. Here are five cybersecurity tips that you can put into practice in your day-to-day:

  1. Protect your information and equipment: If you usually shop online, you can protect your data and devices by always verifying the credibility of the offer and the website that you are browsing. If you have to register, make sure to choose a secure, strong and unique password.
  2. Keep a low profile online and in public: Always be cautious about what information you share and who you share it with to avoid leaking any personal information. Control who can see your posts by configuring your privacy settings.
  3. Think before you click or reply: Things aren't always what they seem. If you receive an unexpected message, you notice something fishy about the sender, or they ask you to provide details or click on a link, be suspicious and report it!
  4. Keep your passwords safe: Avoid using common formulas such as your date of birth, your identification number or 1234. Preferably, you should use upper and lower case letters, special characters and alphanumeric characters to strengthen your passwords.
  5. If you suspect something, report it: Cyber attacks tend to come in all shapes and sizes, for example via email, SMS, phone call… If you receive a suspicious message asking you to provide information, report it.

If you want to become a Cyber Hero and put all of your cybersecurity skills into practice, then take part in our interactive adventure!


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