We are strengthening security for online purchases

The introduction of SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) is a regulatory change introduced into current legislation governing the provision of payment services and electronic payment transactions. The change is a reinforcement in the security of purchases made over the Internet and mainly affects the way in which some transactions were validated up until now (through a key sent to the customer's mobile phone) and introduces a reinforced and even more secure process for customers.

Will this change apply to all purchases?

No, some purchases will not require authentication, either because of its low amount, its risk of fraud or the application of any exemption allowed by the regulations.

And what will I have to do to continue making online purchases with my card?

First, you will have to have an active Digital Banking contract. If you do not have or do not remember your password, you can recover it here.

If you have the Santander app, you can confirm your purchases with Santander Key* simply using your fingerprint or facial recognition.

It's as easy to use as paying in bricks-and-mortar shops:

  1. When you make a purchase that requires authentication, you will get a message on your mobile and you have to tap it to access Santander Key.
  2. Check the details of the purchase and, if they are right, confirm it by validating it with your fingerprint, facial recognition or password.

Much easier, right?

To enjoy the best online shopping experience, make sure you have the latest version of the Santander app, identify the device as secure and ensure notifications are activated. Otherwise, you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone with a link you will need to access to verify your identity by entering your online banking or Santander app access code.

*To confirm the transactions using your fingerprint or facial recognition, you will need a mobile device with biometrics. If you don't have one, you can continue to perform transactions using your access code.

WARNING: Banco Santander will never ask you for other data to authenticate your identity for online purchases: not your national ID number, address, data of birth, signature key, mobile number, etc.


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