For your assets

For you and your family

And if you are self-employed

Protect the things that matter to you

Home Insurance1

Find the home insurance to suit you and pay only for the coverages you need.

Santander MAPFRE Car Insurance2

A comprehensive and flexible insurance policy, with three ranges of contracting so you can choose the one that best suits you.


Protect your home without registration fee and installation at no cost.

Santander MAPFRE Motorcycle Insurance

Free choice of garage, travel assistance from Km 0 and more with this insurance for your motorcycle.

Santander My Mobile Insurance

Protect your phone or tablet with mobile insurance, with different modes that suit you.

Protect the things that matter to you

Life insurance3

Protection for you and your family, in case of death, absolute permanent disability or severe disability.

Health insurance4

The peace of mind of having the financial support you need when you need it most.

Santander Senior

For you to feel protected at all times.

Death insurance

Ensure peace of mind for you and your family during the most difficult times.

Accident Insurance

Find your ideal accident insurance policy and protect yourself against unforeseen events.

Savings Insurance

Discover the full range of savings insurance policies that we have for you and your family.

Take care of yourself and protect your business

Self-Employed Temporary Disability Insurance

Insurance that protects you in the event of sick leave or accident covered by the policy.

Comprehensive Multi-Risk Insurance for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Adapted to your business so that day-to-day risks do not endanger its operational continuity.

Cyberinsurance with data protection for self-employed and SMEs

Protect yourself against any cyberattack.

Collective Agreement Life and Accident Insurance

Protect your employees subject to the coverage and insured amounts required under their collective bargaining agreement.

Comprehensive Third-Party Liability Insurance for SMEs and Entrepreneurs

Protect yourself against third-party claims.

Credit Insurance Policy PY

Protecting your business gives you peace of mind.

Always Connected

If you also think that people come first and then everything else, and that being digital is not an end but rather a means, then we are connected. At any time. However you like. Wherever you want.

Your insurance on your mobile device

Access your insurance policies from anywhere and at any time. You decide how, when and where to interact with your bank.

Get your codes

Check your insurance details in one click

Check your policy coverage and other information such as the expiry date. From the Online Banking platform you can also access our Contact Centre.


Calculate, compare and contract

From your mobile device, calculate the price of your car, home, health or life insurance, and take out your policy online or by phone.

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Your bank is with you everywhere you go

Request your Santander Personal manager and contact him to resolve any queries. We can also help you through our FAQ wizard and videos.

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