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We offer you a range of insurance especially for customers like you, so that you always have peace of mind and security in the event of unforeseen events or incidents that may arise.

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With the Seguro de Dependencia you will get an economic supplement to face the expenses generated by a situation of High Dependency or Severe Dependency.

  • Security, because you will have the certainty of receiving the service throughout your life, by arranging an income that best suits your needs: with a monthly life annuity of € 500 / € 1000 / € 1500.
  • Flexibility, because you can use the benefit according to your interests and needs.
  • Speed, because the assessment of the situation of dependency will be carried out within a maximum period of 30 days by the Insurer, within Spain.

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The protection you need for peace of mind and that of your family with the Seguro de Decesos Prima Única, providing you all the necessary help before, during and after death1. Knowing that your future is controlled no matter what happens, is the best reason for taking it out:

  • It covers the cost of the funeral service.
  • Ensures the management of the necessary procedures in the event of death.
  • It offers coverage that is tangible from the first day.


With the Seguro de Protección Senior you will have the peace of mind of having the necessary help to face the consequences, both personal and financial, derived from an accident1:

  • Lack of income.
  • Increased costs.
  • Need for professional care.
  • Loss of quality of life.

You will get compensation in case of fractures, burns, severe trauma and, in addition, you will have help in recovery, at home, transfers, care for pets and plants and sessions with professionals.


With Mi Hogar Senior Insurance you can choose between the three types of insurance the one that best suits the protection you want for your home1. The difference between the modalities is based on the progressive inclusion of extended guarantees to cover additional protection demands for your home.

  • My Essential Senior Home Insurance: To protect the main thing.
  • My Extended Senior Home Insurance: To have a plus of peace of mind.
  • My Comprehensive Senior Home Insurance: To have the modality with more coverage.

All of them have accident coverage for policy holders between 65 and 82 years old, guaranteeing compensation in case of accident injuries covered based on the scale provided in the Policy and a series of complementary accident coverages such as Home Help and Professional Sessions to help you in your recovery.

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