The exchange rate shown is merely indicative and is not the exchange rate that might be applied in transactions with the Bank.

  • What is a currency converter?

  • A currency converter is a tool to calculate the exchange rate between different currencies in real time. By entering an amount of a certain currency, you can find out instantly the equivalent in other currencies.

  • What is the exchange rate?

  • The exchange rate is the number of units of a currency that must be delivered to obtain one unit of another currency. This quote includes supply and demand on wholesale currency markets, influenced by factors such as a country's balance of payments, inflation, or interest rates and the monetary policies operated by the central banks; this is why the exchange rate fluctuates continuously.

  • What is the difference between currency and foreign exchange?

  • Foreign exchange is the monetary unit of a country when it is used outside the country to carry out transactions such as trade exchanges, transfers etc. The currency is the physical unit inside the country, i.e. banknotes and coins.

    So, when you travel to another country, you will need to change currency to acquire cash to make payments in the country you are going to. A foreign currency exchange refers to purchases and sales which do not entail the movement of any physical cash, such as, for example, international transfers.


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