Santander Corto Plazo, F.I.


For conservative customers seeking to combat inflation with a diversified short-term investment.

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Who is it aimed at?

Time frame Type of fund

Investors with basic financial knowledge.

At least 1 year.

A Euro Short-term Fixed Income Fund, investing 100% in fixed income.


Make short-term investments in mainly corporate debt issuances

Cumulative interest rate hikes can be the starting point when it comes to generating low-risk returns.

Progress in monetary stability creates opportunities in the more defensive fixed income assets, where yields have stabilised and now compare very favourably with previous years. For conservative investors, it is good news that liquidity is no longer detrimental.

The Santander Corto Plazo, F.I. fund may invest in government bonds, investment grade credit, deposits, promissory notes and high-yield assets with a term of around 3 to 6 months, which involves less sensitivity to interest rate hikes and, in the current environment, renewing maturities at higher rates. This process will also involve the active and professional management of bond selection.



Invests in European fixed-income issuances, both public and corporate, with at least a medium credit rating.


Short-term liquidity

Invests in European public and corporate bonds with high liquidity and a short term.


Professional and flexible management

Provides high added value when selecting the issuances that make up the portfolio.

Characteristics of the Santander Corto Plazo, F.I. Fund

  • Fund listed in the register of the CNMV Securities Market Commission under number 5698.
  • The Spanish Securities Market Commission (CNMV) warns that this fund may invest a percentage of 15% in fixed income issues of low creditworthiness, i.e. with a high credit risk.
  • Click here to view the Prospectus, the KIID and the full factsheet of the Santander Corto Plazo, F.I. fund

Classes of shares in the fund

Class ISIN Minimum initial investment Management fee Deposit fee

Class A


1 unit

0,25%-1% annually on equity (*)

0,052% annually on equity

Class B


100.000 euros

0,25%-0,75% annually on equity (*)

0,052% annually on equity

Class I


1.000.000 euros

0,25%-0,75% annually on equity (*)

0,052% annually on equity

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What are the risks of investing in this fund?

Investing in mixed investment funds implies assuming a certain level of risk that will depend on the composition of each fund, market fluctuations and other factors associated with investing in securities, so there is a risk of losing all or part of the investment.

In general, investing in funds means undertaking the following risks:


Due to the quality of the assets invested in, as well as the issuers of these assets. This is the risk that the issuer may not be able to make payments.


This is the possibility that financial instruments will have a listed price or a value below the price we have paid for them. In this regard, the investments may be affected by:

  • Interest Rate Risk: interest rate fluctuations affect the price of fixed-income assets. Sensitivity to this risk depends on the duration of these assets.
  • Currency risk: fluctuation of the exchange value in the case of assets denominated in currencies other than the share reference currency.
  • Market risk due to investment in equities: arising from variations in the price of equity assets.
  • Risk from investing in emerging markets political changes or economic circumstances can affect the value of investments.
  • Geographical or sectoral concentration risk:  the concentration of our investment in a single area or sector increases market risk.

Investing in derivatives (futures, options, etc.) may entail a higher risk, given the nature of these products.

Are you interested?

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Santander Corto Plazo, F.I.

Icon / check Created with Sketch. For investors with basic knowledge.

Icon / check Created with Sketch. With a time frame of at least 1 year.

Icon / check Created with Sketch. Euro Short-Term Fixed Income Fund


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