Carry out your operations from your mobile

By simply downloading the Santander Companies App on your mobile device, you can access numerous services that will facilitate the day-to-day running of your company's accounts.

You can check your movements or the balance of your products and manage them from wherever you are. In addition, you will enjoy greater control over your finances as you can consult both the overall position of your company as well as that of the subsidiaries, make transfers easily to third parties and between your accounts and view your cards and access each one of them.

Carry out daily transactions

  • Consult the products that you have taken out in the Consolidated Global Position of your company and subsidiaries, and view their details.
  • View your cards, check your transactions and the monthly statements of your credit cards.
  • Make national and international transfers, and transfers between accounts. Make things easier by saving your frequent payees of your money transfers, reusing them and scheduling your transfers.
  • Pay your bills, manually or using your device's camera. You can return bills, set up direct debits and download them in PDF format.
  • Request and manage your confirming advanced payments.
  • Locate the closest ATMs, even when not in Spain.

Take advantage of the tools



Receive and configure your notifications.

Sign your operations securely with the cryptocalculator.

Contact us

Personal manager

Customer Support

Check the contact information of your Personal Manager from your manager area.

Call our customer support line on 912 737176 directly. In addition, you can manage the cards in case of theft or loss and receive direct attention for blocking cards.

Get support with one click

  • Benefit from the help displayed on the screen when there are new features or when you want to learn to take advantage of the usual ones.
  • Check additional product information on the same screen by clicking the information icon.
  • Check the tutorials to stay-up-to date with everything you can do with your Santander Companies App.
  • Go to the FAQ section if you have any questions.
  • Rate us, we want to give you the best, that's why you can rate us and leave comments in different sections of the App.
  • In addition to Spanish, you can get the Santander Companies App in English, German, Catalan and Basque.

How do I access the app?

To access the Santander Companies App download lthe application from your device’s store for iOS or Android. The download is free. Once you have downloaded the app, you only have to use your username and password to enter. If you do not have this information yet, request it at your nearest branch.

Security tips

The Santander Companies App is completely secure, because at Banco Santander we apply cutting-edge technological solutions and we make constant improvements in Digital Banking, such as accessing the app through Touch ID and Face ID. Therefore, if you want to perform operations using the app, you will also need the Cryptocalculator app.

When using a mobile device for carrying out operations, you must take into account these tips:

  • Use secure and private passwords
  • Keep your mobile updated with the latest version of its operating system.
  • Do not use public Wi-Fi for online banking or making purchases.
  • Do not give your passwords to anyone. Remember that at Santander we always ask you for the Cryptocalculator Code to sign your transactions in the app.
  • Always make sure you know the sender of any emails you open.
  • Regularly check the movements of your accounts and cards, and activate notifications and alerts to stay up-to-date at all times.

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