Find the help you need for your business

In addition to access to Next Generation EU Funds, you will have a search platform and other services to help you with the process.



European Funds

Platform to help you find the most suitable aid for your company's profile, and to help you with the administration.

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Services to grow digitally

Growing digitally means reaching your customers online. This means you need access to platforms to help you reach new markets safely.


Cyber Guardian

The most comprehensive cybersecurity platform on the market for small and medium-sized companies1.

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Achieve more sales and reach new markets by selling your products on Amazon through an agency2.

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Santander Trade

Identify opportunities abroad to buy and sell and to expand your business.

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Sustainability: for your business and the planet

Improving your energy efficiency protects the environment and reduces your energy costs.



Find out more about our range of sustainable products and enhance your company's commitment to caring for and protecting the environment.

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Harness self-consumption and make your company more competitive3.

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Surround yourself with talent

The solution you need if you are looking for people to work in your company or you need expert consulting services.




Attract the best young talent for your company.

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Connecting Visions

Consulting service that combines expert talent and independent technological solutions to overcome your challenges4.

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Useful information:
1. Service provided by Factum Information Technologies SL, with registered office at C/Doctor Zamenhof 36 - BIS Planta 1, 28027, Madrid, and tax ID no. (NIF) B85777977.
2. Service provided by NOZAMA SOLUTIONS SL., with tax ID no. (NIF) B88075296 and registered office at C/Marqués de Cubas 25 - 3 Dr, 28014, Madrid.
3. Service provided by Kishoa SL (Powen) with tax ID no. (NIF) B87074118 and registered office at C/Gustavo Fernandez Balbuena 11, 28002 Madrid.
4. Service provided by Connecting Visions Ecosystems SL, with tax ID no. (NIF) B88079942 and registered office on Avda. de la Industria (Ed. 1) 4 - 2 Dr, 28108, Alcobendas, Madrid.

Always Connected

If you also think that people come first and then everything else, and that being digital is not an end but rather a means, then we are connected. At any time. However you like. Wherever you want.

Find out the account for your company

Hire online and solve the day-to-day running of your company in an intuitive, simple and agile way.

Become a customer

Manage your company wherever and whenever you want

  Information. Check the continuously up-dated positions and access the supporting documents for each movement.

  Flexible. Assign different access profiles with different roles.

  Convenient. Leave operations pending signature and resume them whenever you want.

  Query. Check your correspondence using the Online Banking mailbox.

Advantages for you and your business

Use an advanced search engine to find public grants available for your business and help your company grow abroad with the solutions offered by Santander Trade.

Why switch to Online Banking?

Every day you face new challenges in the management of your company: be more effective, increase profitability, attract customers ... We know it’s not easy, which is why we want to make your company's day-to-day easier with Online Banking.

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