Aggregate and view all of your international accounts

The One Trade Multi-National service offers online aggregation and display, and you can also download statements for your national and international Santander Group corporate accounts. With this service, you can also receive and download statements in SWIFT MT940 format for accounts with other banks.

Sort out your portfolio of international accounts with a convenient and cost-efficient method using the most advanced technology on the market. You only need to log in to Santander's online banking. No need to log in to other online banking portals or remember other credentials.

How does One Trade Multi-National work?

Accounts with Santander Group

The parent company signs a digitalised contract during an online banking session, and Santander requests permission from the target subsidiary to view the information. The local permission, and the permission from other geographies, means that the real-time viewing service for information about your Santander accounts in other countries can be enabled.

Accounts with other banks

In order to receive information about accounts with other banks you must initiate the activation process with the other bank; specify the data and where to send the information and how often to do it. Santander will allow you to download and view this information.

Once the service is enabled, an admin user can decide which local users may view the accounts from the rest of geographies.

How do you activate the bank account aggregation service?

Contact your manager or branch and ask for the service to be activated.

You given them specific details about the accounts you wish to include, such as company name, tax ID in the other country, number of bank accounts and proxies.

After you submit the request, we will load the contract to the contracts section of your inbox. Sign it and the service activation and contract process will begin.

How do you access the One Trade Multi-National service?

To access the service, log in to Online Banking and click on "Foreign trade" (Comercio Exterior) and then "Go to One Trade MultiNational Accounts" (Ir a Cuentas One Trade Multinacionales):

visualizacion de cuentas bancarias en one trade multinacionales

You can start displaying all of your international accounts in your overall position:

acceder al agregador financiero one trade

Shall we discuss it?

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