Support and advice in the 15 countries where we have a presence

Internationalisation opens new doors for companies, and is a motor for progress and development for countries. The Santander Group, an example of internationalisation, makes the strength of its commercial banks in 15 countries available to its customers.

To get involved in your company’s leap abroad, we offer you all our international experience and accompany you in your internationalisation process.

If you want to consolidate your company in another country, the Santander International Desk will help you in any of the 15 countries in which we are present: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay, the USA, the United Kingdom, China and Morocco.

Furthermore, as a Santander customer, we can accompany you in 26 countries in America and Europe, through the IBOS Association, a banking network in addition to Santander that makes account opening processes more agile.

Reasons to place your trust in us

At Banco Santander we have more than 160 years of experience supporting companies in their international business, providing coverage to their exports and imports in more than 150 countries.

Furthermore, Banco Santander also has one of the most extensive own or investee international banking networks, with the capability to support customers in establishing abroad and foreign investments in more than 30 countries thanks to agreements with first-rate local banks that streamline the processes of opening current accounts abroad, with access to a value offer for businesses.

International Desk is a specialist team, deployed throughout Santander Group, to support companies in their internationalisation projects. Since it was created in 2011, we have supported more than 5,000 customers in their international deployment and more than 2,200 foreign companies with setting up in Spain.

At Santander, we also drive the business of foreign companies by helping them to set up branches in Spain and through a value offer specifically for multinationals.

Shall we discuss it?

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