Find the support you need for each stage of your journey as an entrepreneur

Santander X supports you at each stage of your journey. It empowers entrepreneurs like you by providing you with the training, advice and resources required to progress and scale up your business.

As an entrepreneur, you find solutions to the challenges we face as a community. Innovation is key to finding responses to modern issues, improving productivity, employment and economic growth.

And you have Santander X for all of that, providing:

  • Training: top-quality resources and training to help you reach your goals by growing and developing your business.
  • Acknowledgement: the most noteworthy entrepreneurial achievements in each country are rewarded through competitions, backing the entrepreneurs that are creating solutions for the critical, urgent issues facing society.
  • Connection: a distinctive global community, offering connections to mentors, investors, customers, colleagues and experts with information on megatrends.

In 2022, more than 250 programmes were launched in 11 countries through Santander X.

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Explorer: the pre-incubation programme for turning innovative ideas into reality

If you are a young university entrepreneur, Explorer will allow you to turn your innovative ideas into reality by applying practical learning from a pre-incubation programme.

Explorer has a global presence and is associated with more than 200 universities in 11 countries.

Are you ready to take your university's entrepreneurial spirit to the next level? Join Explorer today!

  • The programme has been run 16 times since 2013.
  • More than 10,000 entrepreneurial projects now form part of the Explorer community.
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Santander X global challenges

8 global challenges launched with more than 4,500 start-ups and scale-ups participating in over 11 countries.

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Santander X local and global awards

Santander X Local Awards are competitions for university entrepreneurs and start-ups to acknowledge the best solutions in each of the 8 countries where they take place: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.

The winners of the local awards are selected to represent their countries in the Santander X Global Awards, Santander X's global entrepreneurial competition for acknowledging the best university and start-up projects.

Santander X 100

The global community with the most noteworthy Santander X start-ups and scale-ups, driving networking between its members and connecting them with capital, customers, talent and other valuable resources so they can continue to prosper.

Discover the Santander X 100 companies:

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