Connecting start-ups and scale-ups with Banco Santander

The best way to grow and move forward is through collaboration and finding talent.

Santander Fintech Station is a unit that connects start-ups and scale-ups with the bank in order to identify opportunities for collaboration that will keep us at the cutting edge of innovation. Fintech Station works with start-ups and scale-ups in multiple sectors and industries, providing a service to any that may connect with the bank.

It is an Open Innovation programme for sharing innovative technological solutions with the bank's different departments so that we can provide an even better service for our customers every day. To do this:

  • We identify areas with room for improvement at the bank and we connect with the best solutions in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, always striving to build value for all parties, particularly start-ups and customers.
  • We find the most ground-breaking technological trends and the best start-ups and introduce them to the bank in order to drive continuous improvement.
  • We help the start-ups throughout their relationship with the bank, supporting them in key areas, such as arranging and completing the approval and registration processes, managing stakeholders within the bank structure, launching concept testing, and more.

How do I contact Santander Fintech Station?

If you would like to know more about how Santander Fintech Station works, visit any Santander branch or contact your relationship manager.


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