Stay informed

The Alerts and Notifications service of our Online Banking allows you to be constantly informed about the status of your accounts, the latest movements and financial products.

You just have to sign up for the service and we will notify you via email or mobile phone of any movements or events, according to the alerts you have set up.

  • With the movements alert you will be able to control everything that happens to your accounts.
  • Set the minimum amount at which you want us to notify you and the alert will be sent as soon as that amount is exceeded.
  • Receive alerts about your next loan repayment.
  • Stay up-to-date with everything that happens with your remittances.
  • Alerts for payments made with any of your cards. You can also set a minimum amount for when the alert is to be generated.
  • Find out when a payment is returned.
  • Know when some of your contracts expire or the status of your financing.

How to activate your alerts

To start the Alerts and Notifications service, go to the Personal Area of your Online Banking and activate the service in Alert Settings. There you can customise the alerts you want to activate.


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