The solution for your human resource processes

The platform allows you to optimise your HR processes and centralise your employee data and thus make better business decisions.

What is Factorial?

Factorial1 is software that helps small and medium-sized enterprises to digitise their Human Resources processes in order to save time and money across various tasks that can be easily automated.

The platform offers significant advantages both to HR teams, which can manage documents and information; and to employees, as it allows them to access their payroll, contracts, manage expenses or perform obligatory clocking.

It is available both on the web and on the mobile application.

What can the Human Resources software Factorial offer me?

Factorial can be used to solve different problems encountered by HR departments.

1. Optimise your processes: digitise your daily HR processes

  • Employee portal.
  • Employee registration system.
  • Documents and contracts.
  • Digital signature.

2. Manage time: improve the most common time management and legally-required tasks

  • Absences and holidays.
  • Time control.
  • Work shifts.

3. Manage talent: attract, develop and retain your talent

  • Recruitment.
  • Definition of goals.
  • Performance review.
  • Employee onboarding/offboarding.
  • Training.

4.Save time, money and gain peace of mind in your financial management processes

  • Management of expenses.
  • Payroll.

What are the advantages of Factorial over other HR software?

Plans tailored to your requirements

When you arrange this product, you will be able to create a tailored plan with the tools you need. Simple.

It is user-friendly and intuitive

The software is very visual and user friendly, both for managers and employees, regardless of their degree of digital expertise.

Support from the start

You will have a dedicated Account Manager who will support you throughout your time as a Factorial customer.

How do I arrange Factorial with Banco Santander and how much does it cost?

Factorial can be arranged for the following prices:

  • €5 per month per employee, if you pay monthly.
  • €4.5 per month per employee, if you pay annually.

But if you arrange Factorial with Banco Santander, you will get a 10% discount for 12 months.

If you are a Banco Santander customer, you can get your discount by filling out this form so that a Factorial advisor can contact you.

Get started

If you are a Banco Santander customer, you can hire Factorial with a discount.

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