A grant for the digitalisation of SMEs

DIGITAL KIT is a programme from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation offering grants aimed at SMEs and the self-employed, financed by the European Union using Next Generation EU funds totalling 3,000 million euros to support Spanish companies in their transition towards digital transformation.

How do you apply for a Digital Kit voucher?

At Banco Santander, we will help you process your voucher for free.

To do this, you will need to arrange your digital project with one of our digitalising agents, and they will cover the processing cost. Our network of agencies distributed throughout Spain will offer you the best service and the greatest proximity when it comes to processing your grant.

What does the processing service include?

  • Help completing the Digital Diagnostic Test.
  • Processing your Digital Kit Voucher through Red.es.
  • Advice on the most suitable digital solution for your business.
  • Implementation of the digital solution from start to finish by one of our Digitalising Agents.

How much does the processing service cost?

Your vouchers will be processed for free, as long as the project is carried out by one of our Digitalising Agents, since they will assume the management costs. If you do not end up performing your digital projects with them, you will be charged €125 + VAT.

Register on the Digital Kit Platform and request for your grant to be processed.
You will find all the information about our digitalising agents on the platform.

FAQs about Digital Kit Grants


  • Who are the grants aimed at?

  • The digital solutions offered as part of Digital Kit are tailored to the requirements of small enterprises, microenterprises and the self-employed, from any industry or any type of business.

    Companies that can apply for the DIGITAL KIT grant can be divided into three groups:

    • SMEs with between 10-50 employees: Digital voucher for a maximum amount of €12,000.
    • Microenterprises of between 9-3 employees: Digital voucher for a maximum amount of €6,000.
    • The self-employed or microenterprises with fewer than 3 employees: Digital voucher for a maximum amount of €2,000.

    Therefore, depending on the size of the company, the voucher will be for an amount of between €2,000 and up to €12,000.

  • What can I use the voucher for and how much will I get?

  • Your company can apply for one or more digital solutions offered by different digitalising agents:

    • Website and Internet Presence. For this service, the voucher will be for a maximum amount of €2,000, which will be used to create a web page (domain, hosting, design, etc.).
    • E-commerce. For this service, the voucher will be for a maximum of €2,000, which will be used by the company to set up an online store or e-commerce, set up payment methods for the online store and give visibility to the company's brand, among others.
    • Management of social media. For this service, the voucher is for a maximum of €2,500, which will be used to promote the company on social media via strategic social media plans, the monitoring and optimisation of pages, as well as weekly posts.
    • Customer management. The voucher for this service is for a maximum of €4,000, which will be used to digitalise and optimise the management of business relationships between the company and its customers.
    • Business intelligence and analytics. The voucher for this service is for a maximum of €4,000, which will be used to provide the company with the necessary tools for data exploitation and thus improve decision-making processes.
    • Virtual office tools and services. The voucher for this service is for an amount of €250 per user, with the aim of implementing interactive and functional solutions with a view to improving the functionality of working teams within the company.
    • Process management. The bonus for this service is for a maximum of €6,000, which will be used to digitalise and automate processes related to operations and production, i.e., support the digitalisation of workflows such as accounting, billing, projects, logistics, etc.
    • Digital invoice. A voucher for a maximum amount of €1,000 will be granted to digitalise the flow of issuing invoices to customers.
    • Secure communications. This type of digital solution provides security in the connections between employees' and the company's devices, for a maximum of €6,000, with a limit of €125 per user.
    • Cybersecurity. Companies will get up to €6,000 to provide basic and advanced security for employees' devices, capped at €125 per user.
  • What do I need to do to apply for a DIGITAL KIT voucher?

  • Banco Santander will help you with all the necessary procedures involved in applying for your voucher and perform the digitalisation self-assessment available on the red.es platform. This test contains 13 basic questions to find out your company's level of digitalisation or Level of Digital Maturity.

    In addition, we will help you choose a digitalising agent approved by the Bank to give you the best service and the best digital solution adapted to your company's requirements.

  • What requirements must the company meet to receive a grant?

  • In order to get a DIGITAL KIT voucher, a company must:

    • Be considered as a small company.
    • Be registered in the tax register of business owners, professionals and withholders held by the Spanish Tax Agency or in the equivalent tax register held by the Tax Agency of the relevant Autonomous Community.
    • Be up to date with tax and Social Security obligations.
    • Not be considered a company in difficulty.
    • Not have exceeded the de minimis grant limit.
    • Have completed the Digital Maturity Test.

    Read the regulatory terms and conditions of the DIGITAL KIT Programme.

  • When will vouchers be allocated and how will they be used?

  • DIGITAL KIT vouchers are non-competitive grants, i.e., funds will be allocated as and when they are applied for and approved.

    Beneficiaries will pay for the digitalisation solutions that they purchase by transferring, either partially or totally, the right to collect the subsidy to the Affiliated Digitalising Agents.

    This means that the Programme will pay the Digitalising Agent for the grants once a receipt for the operation has been received and approved.

    If there is any discrepancy between the cost of the solution purchased and the amount of the subsidy awarded, the beneficiary will be able to pay the difference directly to the Digitalising Agent.

    The deadline for finalising Agreements for the Supply of Digitalisation Solutions by both parties will be six months from the notification of the decision to award the grant, unless the invitation to apply sets a different time frame.


  • What is a digitalising agent and how can I take part

  • Digitalising agents are companies that will provide the technological solutions and services that SMEs and self-employed beneficiaries of the DIGITAL programme need to digitalise their businesses.

    In other words, taking part as a digitalising agent enables you, as a digitalising agent, to sign partnership agreements with the beneficiaries of the grants and support them with their digital transformation processes, implementing the technological solutions they require within their company. These technological solutions must be included in one of the digital solutions categories of the programme.

    If you want to take part in the DIGITAL KIT programme as a digital solutions vendor, you can now apply to join the programme as a Digitalising Agent through the Red.es website, where you can select which types of digital solution you can offer from those already listed.

  • What are the requirements to apply to join the programme as a digitalising agent?

    • A total turnover of at least €100,000 in the two years prior to applying to become part of the programme, or €50,000 in the previous year, in similar projects in any of the categories of digitalisation solutions. For the self-employed without employees, total turnover must be at least €70,000 in the two previous years, or €35,000 in the previous year.
    • Be up to date with tax and Social Security obligations
    • Not be considered a company in difficulty.
    • Provide information, if required, about the contracted companies, if any, which will provide each of the digitalisation solutions, as well as any employment generated.
    • Mention, in communications, publications, web pages or similar created in order to publicise your status as an agent listed as a provider of Digitalisation Solutions for the Programme, that the grants are financed by funds from the Spanish Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the NextGenerationEU plan.
    • Affiliated Digitalising Agents with more than 1,000 employees or who have an annual turnover of more than 100 million euros, must provide their services throughout Spain, through their own sales network or through contracted third parties. In these cases, Affiliated Digitalising Agents must carry out, via the companies they hire, at least 50% of the business volume obtained as a result of the Digitalisation Service Provision Agreements signed.

Digital Kit News

  • You can now register on our Santander Digital Kit Platform  to benefit from the help of the DIGITAL KIT.
  • You can now register to become part of the digitalising agent programme at the Red.es head office.
  • The first invitation to apply for DIGITAL KIT grants has been launched, with an investment of 500 million euros, aimed at the first segment of companies (SMEs with between 10 and 49 employees).

Digital solution category Segment I (SMEs with between 10 and 49 employees)
Maximum grant amount
Website and Internet Presence
Management of social medi
Customer management
€4,000 (includes 3 users)
BI and analytics
€250/user (up to 48 users)
Virtual office services
€250/user (up to 48 users)
Process management
€6,000 (up to 10 users)
Digital invoice
€1,000 (up to 3 users)
Secure communications
€125/device (up to 48 devices)
€125/device (up to 48 devices)

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