Financing solution for companies in international operations

Export advance is the solution to finance your international payments every time you make a sale abroad, whether it is in euros or in another currency. An option that will allow you to:

  • Show the world a solvent image of your company allowing you to sell over the long term, bringing forward your receipts via any of the means of payment.
  • Monitor all your operations (check accounting settlements, copy of Swift message, shipping documents, etc.) through electronic banking.
  • And get finance at more attractive interest rates in certain currencies (if you have a return of these).
  • The ability tohedge your exchange rate differences.

Let nothing stop you when it comes to expanding your business.

Reasons to place your trust in us

In 2019, Banco Santander granted more than €19 billion in financing to companies to carry out international projects, and assisted more than 70,000 companies in their international transactions.
To do this, Banco Santander has the largest team of specialist managers in the Spanish financial system, available at its branches or through remote specialist personal managers at the International Business Centre.
In addition, you can work in more than 40 currencies, and count on the Santander Group's digital capabilities, which will allow you to advance the collection of your international sales anywhere and at any time (24 hours a day, seven days a week).

How to arrange it

If you want to arrange an export advance, contact your personal manager at your nearest Santander branch or  call the Comex Specialist Centre on 91 600 99 00.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.

How does Export Advance work?

The export advance payment makes the internationalisation of your company easier by offering you very attractive conditions:

  • Financing is linked to specific exports.
  • We advance the total or partial amount of the operation when the merchandise is shipped.
  • You have currency solutions in the case your collections are from countries outside the Euro Zone and you suffer an exchange risk.
  • You will receive support and advice from international business specialist managers.
  • You will have facilities in the management and the option to finance international collections.

Banco Santander's Export advance is a fast, safe and transparent service, which allows you to take control of all operations online.


Payment method Document to be financed Financing instrument



Advance invoice payment* ICO Exporters/p>

Cheque/Commercial document

Bills of exchange, promissory notes, documentary credits

Forfaiting, purchase without recourse regulated by the ICC, URF 800 **

Simple Remittance/Euro payment

Financial Documents/Electronic Receipt

Simple Remittance Advance Payment**

Documentary Remittance

Commercial documents

Documentary Remittance Advance Payment*

Documentary Credit

Documents of Use

Documentary Credit Advance Payment**

*Invoice: these must be invoices for sales made, and presentation of the Transport Document will be required. In other words. The request must be a Pre-export financing operation.
**Financing also possible through International Factoring.


The specific conditions of this product are personalised for each customer. Check with your personal manager at your nearest Santander branch or call the Comex Specialist Centre on 91 600 99 00.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.

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