Payment in instalments for your company’s international purchases

Buying abroad can involve longer periods make a profit. For this reason, sometimes your company may have difficulties in bearing the costs of an import.

To avoid this, Banco Santander offers you Import Financing1, a product that allows you to finance the payments of your international purchases, both in euros and in foreign currencies. This option allows you to:

  • Present a solvent image of your company to your foreign suppliers when making payments in cash, possibly allowing you to obtain discounts.
  • Benefit from deferred payments.
  • Finance your international payments in the moment through electronic banking, allowing you to track all your operations.
  • Get financing in different currencies other than the euro, for when your purchases are denominated in other currencies.
  • And get financing with more attractive interest rates in certain currencies (if you have a return on these).
  • The ability to hedge your exchange rate differences.

Reasons to place your trust in us

In 2019, Banco Santander granted more than €19 billion in financing to companies to carry out international projects, and assisted more than 70,000 companies in their international transactions.
To do this, Banco Santander has the largest team of specialist managers in the Spanish financial system, available at its branches or through remote specialist personal managers at the International Business Centre.
In addition, you can work in more than 40 currencies, and count on the Santander Group's digital capabilities, which will allow you to advance the payment of your international sales anywhere and at any time (24 hours a day, seven days a week).

How to arrange it

In order to access this financing for your imports, your company needs to have a risk line. Arrange it at your nearest Santander branch.

If you want more information, call the Comex Specialist Centre on 91 600 99 00.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.

How does Import Financing work?

With Import Financing, it will cost you less to carry out international operations while enjoying very beneficial conditions:

  • The financing is linked to the payment of specific imports.
  • We finance the period necessary for the commercialisation and collection of the imported products.
  • You have currency solutions in the case your payments are from countries outside the Euro Zone and you suffer an exchange risk.
  • When your imports require the additional guarantee of a first-rate bank, you have Santander international guarantees that will give you access to the best service abroad.

 And we also adapt to the means of collection you use:

Payment method Document to be financed Financing instrument
Transfer Invoices Import Financing
Cheque Invoices Import Financing/International Confirming
Simple Remittance Financial documents Import Financing
Documentary remittance Commercial documents Import Financing
Documentary credit Documents of use Import Financing


The Import Financing conditions are personalised for each customer.

Check with your personal manager at your nearest Santander branch or call the Comex Specialist Centre on 91 600 99 00.

Shall we discuss it?

If you would like more information, visit any of our branch offices.


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